Baby becomes youngest Covid-19 patient to recover in Thailand

PHOTO: Gulf Times

As of 10.45am today, Thailand has a reported 2,826 Covid-19 cases. 2,352, or 83% of those have recovered and been discharged from hospital.

Today we can add one more to that list – a 1 month old boy has become Thailand’s youngest coronavirus patient to successfully make a full recovery from Covid-19, after a team of medics used of a cocktail of antiviral drugs. The great news from the paediatrician who treated the child

After close consultation with experts, the team decided to use four antiviral drugs to treat the boy.

“The strategy used to treat the baby was to give him medication for 10 days. We conducted a health check on him every day, and after 3 to 5 days his X-rays showed signs of gradual recovery”

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Infants, due to their undeveloped immune systems, are highly vulnerable to the virus. But despite the challenges with restrictions on treatments for infants under a year, the doctor said symptoms in young children tend to be less severe than in adults.

Thailand yesterday reported 15 new coronavirus cases and one new death, bringing the national total to 2,826 confirmed cases since the outbreak began and a total of 49 deaths.

Nine of Thailand’s 77 provinces remain virus-free, and many have reported no new cases in fourteen days or more. But despite the slowing of new cases, officials remain cautious, saying the best way to contain the virus is for the public to stay home and continue observing social distancing.

SOURCES: Chiang Rai Times | Reuters

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