22 new cases of Covid-19 detected in Thailand

The Thai government’s CCSA has reported another 22 new cases of Covid-19 this morning, raising the country’s total of infections to 3,545. The vast majority of these have recovered – 3,369. The death toll is unchanged at 59 people.

The new cases have come from imported cases, returnees and visitors, and became apparent whilst they were in quarantine during routine tests. The people have arrived from South Sudan, 4 people from India, 1 from Pakistan and 1 from the Philippines.

22 cases is the largest number of daily cases announced in a 24 hour period since April 5 this year when Thailand was emerging from its first wave.

SOURCE: worldometers.info

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  • The problem is the six locally transmitted cases ... any idea where these cases are geographically ? Trying to save lives ... can you please look that up ... ?

  • Sick, not sick, symptoms, asymtomatic, sent to hospital or just to quarantine jail to be watched????
    What kind of reporting is this? Sounds more like baseless fear propaganda spreading to me.

  • You will always only find the majority of imported infections from within the Quarantine centres, if that’s the only place you test.

    Even outside of these areas, you seem only to test if someone has symptoms. So how accurate are your numbers. Other countries are testing millions. If you test more you find more.

    It has been proven that some ethnicities are more susceptible than others, so it stand to reason that others are less susceptible. Let’s face it, you have some fantastic numbers ?

    Back in January (Chinese new year) when the virus was known to be infecting citizens of Wuhan wholesale. There were thousands of them in Thailand and they kept coming. Infected for sure. So why did it not kick off in Thailand in the way it kicked off in the rest of the world. There has to be a reason and it cannot be good management, the borders were open and the Chinese were pouring into the country......

    • Thai people don't often touch others. You will notice even the Thais that were infected by the Wuhan tourists were few in number. Thais wai, and normally from a distance. They don't shake hands, hug and kiss like other cultures. It's not that they are a "race that is more immune", it's their cultural practices that have saved them.

      • I very much doubt it's their cultural practices that are saving them.

        I'm sure they're touching your food when they prepare it. They're probably also not washing their hands...

        • Quite correct.

          Yes Thai culture Is different but it would have infected in many other ways.

          Hotel room surfaces
          Shopping malls

          Not to mention the sex industry

          You are quite right Don. Whilst the culture may have helped it is certainly not responsible for those successful numbers by a long chalk.

          Sorry Mr Stretch. Good thought sir but it does not stack up.

      • Mr Stretch...time you find out how the disease is spread. It is spread by droplets in the air that can travel up to 2 metres. Doesn't require touching, hugging or kissing. Their cultural practices have little to do with it. It helps but minimally.

    • " why did it not kick off in Thailand in the way it kicked off in the rest of the world. There has to be a reason and it cannot be good management, the borders were open and the Chinese were pouring into the country……"

      There is a reason... it's the one factor the media refuses to acknowledge: the immune system.

    • Yep. Quite true. And while the Thai government slap themselves on the back for their strict, effective measures to keep the virus at bay, millions of Thais who work in all branches of hospitality are out of work, aching for the tourists to be allowed in.

  • 22 new imported cases, but 16 were Thai soldiers returning from overseas. Thats why the numbers dont add up in the report.

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