12 gamblers arrested in raid on restaurant in central Thailand

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Police have arrested 12 people found eating, drinking, and gambling in a restaurant in the central province of Pathum Thani. Under disease prevention measures, there is currently a ban on in-restaurant dining in a number of provinces in Thailand.

According to the Bangkok Post, the authorities raided the restaurant in the Lam Luk Ka district of Pathum Thani late last night. Officers from Pathum Thani police arrived at the Oud Lam Luk Ka restaurant around 11.30pm. 12 patrons were taken into custody and 15 sets of dice, gambling paraphernalia, and 3,500 baht in cash were confiscated from the table they were sitting at. Officers also found bills for food and drinks.

The owner of the restaurant, named by the Bangkok Post as Therdphan Konnard, was among those arrested, as was a 30 year old woman named as Atchra Sorin, allegedly behind the gambling operation. All 12 arrested have been taken to Lam Luk Ka station for processing.

According to the chief of Pathum Thani police, Chayut Marayat, officers were acting on a tip-off that the restaurant owner was allowing his premises to be used for gambling, as well as allowing customers to eat and drink on-site, in violation of current Covid-19 restrictions.

SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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