Thailand News Today | Thai PM lectures protesters and more OnlyFans controversy


PM says police will defend themselves if protestors don’t respect the law

Thai PM Prayut Chan-o-cha yesterday asked demonstrators to respect the law,

stating that the police are capable of protecting themselves if they are assaulted or provoked by anti-government demonstrators.

But the PM says he is unconcerned about demonstrations as long as the coordinators obtain the necessary permits and follow the law.

The PM also warned teenagers who attended the protest to consider their futures since any charges would appear on their criminal history records.

“Everybody wants democracy HE SAID and the government isn’t opposed to that. Officers won’t initiate violence if the protests are harmless.

Don’t assault them, as they are allowed to defend themselves from harm too.”

The PM made the remarks after the Thalu Gas group held a protest over the weekend that expanded to various parts of Bangkok,

on Saturday and Sunday nights, with some demonstrators intensifying their protest near the Din Daeng junction.

Given the chaos caused by the demonstrators, it was a surprise no arrests were made by the police.

Many roadblocks were put up around the Din Daeng junction, and officers were said to have engaged with several demonstrators before backing away. Firecrackers and class were thrown at police.

Even explosives were thrown by some demonstrators, causing injury to 2 police officers from the Protection and Crowd Control Division.

Police also report finding around 20 small ping-pong bombs in the area under the Din Daeng overpass.


Thai OnlyFans couple who turned holiday resort into a porn shoot wanted by police

Police are looking for a Thai OnlyFans couple who turned the popular holiday resort of Wang Nam Khao in northeastern Thailand, into a porn shoot setting.

Three of the couple’s sex tapes were circulated online yesterday in secret group chats in the popular Thai Line application after they had posted for subscribers on OnlyFans.

The videos, which soon went viral, feature the couple having sex in a resort room with a forest view through the window.

The caption on the video states the location is at a resort in Wang Nam Khao district of Nakhon Ratchasima.

But the President of Wang Nam Khao’s Tourism Promotion Association is disgusted by the videos and says it ruins the reputation of the district.

“Their sex content is unacceptable and the couple deserves to be condemned. I don’t believe the resort owner supports these 2 online creators,

and anyone with the same idea needs to stop now. I want the relevant agencies to take the case seriously and prosecute the couple to avoid similar issues in the future.

Meanwhile, the Korat Mayor contacted Wang Nam Khiao police to find out the exact location used by the couple and their details but both remain unknown at present.

Pornography is still illegal in Thailand and if found guilty of violating the Computer Act the amorous couple faces a penalty of up to 5 years in jail and a fine of up to 100,000 baht,

for creating and publishing pornographic material.

Over the past 2 years, thousands of Thais have opened Only Fans accounts to make a bit of extra money whilst their businesses were closed down or they had lost their other jobs.

Whilst some sites like PornHub remain banned in Thailand, there are hundreds of porn sites still available… so I’ve been told.


Thai couple murdered in Taiwan by a Thai man

Last week, A Thai man murdered a Thai couple in Taiwan – the woman pregnant with twins – and stuffed their bodies into the trunk of a BMW near the capital Taipei.

The prime suspect, an Isaac Thai citizen, fled Taiwan to his new home in Chiang Mai, northern Thailand, last Thursday.

By the time police tracked down his movements, he had already fled Chiang Mai. Police suspect,

he has now fled Thailand and crossed over the border into a neighbouring country… his current whereabouts are unknown.

A close friend of the deceased couple, a businessman, revealed that the suspect and the couple were well acquainted.

The pregnant Thai woman was a dual citizen of Thailand and Taiwan.

The suspect and deceased decided to do business together providing loans to Thai people abroad.

At first, the business went well, but eventually, problems started to arise, amounting to the brutal murders that occurred last week.


British pensioner dies in motorbike accident

A Chinese motorist has been threatened with the full force of the law if she is proven to have been negligent in the death of a British pensioner in a road incident in northern Thailand.

Keith William McVeighty died in a motorbike crash involving a car on a motorway in Chiang Mai on Sunday.

Footage from CCTV shows a female driver allegedly accelerating straight

across the road from the inside lane to the outside lane and straight into the path of the 83-year-old man.

The British pensioner was startled by the car and tried to break but was unable to avoid crashing into the back of the woman’s silver Mazda SUV.

He was flung onto the roof of the car before falling onto the road and his helmet came off in the collision.

Emergency services rushed the Isle of Man native to the city’s Hang Dong Hospital but he died several hours later.

Police investigating the incident revealed the driver of the car was a woman from China, and she is currently assisting them with their enquiries.

Police say they are trying to determine whether the woman had been driving recklessly and if she caused the collision.

Mr. McVeighty was an experienced motorbike rider and had previously competed in the famous Isle of Man TT race.


Thailand’s Covid taskforce

The Ministry of Public Health will suggest to Thailand’s Covid task force this week to remove temperature measurement devices

and checkpoints from all the country’s airports and other locations throughout Thailand

because he says there is no evidence proving that the checks prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

The Head of the Health Technical Office from the Ministry of Public Health,

says temperature checks were one of the first Covid screening measures

introduced because the main symptom of most patients was a high fever.

As a consequence temperature measuring devices and temperature checkpoints were set up throughout the country

and became a constant welcome at just about every business doorway in the Kingdom.

Somebody’s made a few baht over the last few years!

Now, the Ministry of Public Health has reconsidered the temperature measurement arrangement

and agrees the country should drop it as the pandemic situation in Thailand has vastly improved.

Singapore removed temperature checks last year, while the US and Canada never even recommend the measure.

The CCSA is meeting this week and is likely to have an answer about the future of the infrared temperature machines by the end of this week.


Fire jellyfish warning in Krabi, southern Thailand

Red flags were raised to warn tourists not to swim on one beach in Krabi after large numbers of “fire jellyfish” washed up on the shore over recent days.

The “fire jellyfish,” doesn’t get its name from its pinkish-red colour but from its potent sting… you’ll certainly know if you swim into one!

Thousands of small but venomous fire jellyfish washed up on Koh Hong yesterday.

The head of the local marine national park says the fire jellyfish are very venomous,

and getting stung by one causes severe burning pain or even death in cases

where there’s been a severe allergic reaction.

National park rangers expect the exodus of the fire jellyfish over

the next few days as the monsoon waves wash them out into Phang Nga Bay.

The Andaman coast’s usual jellyfish menace is the Portuguese man o war,

which can also inflict nasty welts and stings if you swim into them.

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