City Guide: Visiting Bangkok with family? Avoid these places…

If you’re visiting Thailand with your family, there are a few areas you need to avoid | Photo via Unsplash

Thailand is known for both its natural beauty and local beauty with smiling faces. But not every smile is an innocent one; many tourists visit Thailand for the red light districts, especially the capital of Bangkok.

While there’s something for every type of tourist, if you’re visiting Thailand with your family, there are some areas you should overlook. So here’s a shortlist of the top places to avoid when vacationing with family in the Big Mango.


Patpong is the city’s first red-light area. A dozen go-go bars can be found on two parallel streets, Patpong Soi 1 and Patpong Soi 2, which are bordered by the Patpong night market. Patpong lies in Silom, which is primarily a business area. This area has a popular party scene among the LGBT community, as many clubs are geared toward them.

It remains a big draw for those interested in the city’s nightlife. The closest BTS station is Sala Daeng or MRT Silom. So keep in mind this area is a main red light district before you book a hotel around here.

City Guide: Visiting Bangkok with family? Avoid these places... | News by Thaiger
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Soi Cowboy

Soi Cowboy gained popularity around the same time as Nana Plaza. The intensity of neon light that illuminates the street at night can be overwhelming. As curious visitors reach the main road, live music shows greet them, but things can rapidly get out of hand. Soi Cowboy is similar to Patpong and Nana. There are go-go bars and overly friendly workers around the area approaching everyone walking by.

Asoke is one of Bangkok’s prime locations for work, with large crowds of office workers coming here to make a living. Nearby there are two interchangeable train stations, the BTS and MRT, making it an ideal place for many. For spouses and children, the potential downside to Bangkok’s CBD is the nightlife district of Soi Cowboy. Families, beware.

City Guide: Visiting Bangkok with family? Avoid these places... | News by Thaiger

Nana Plaza

Let’s be clear: Nana Plaza is a three-floor facility dedicated to go-go dancers, bar girls and ladyboys, lots of them. The whole Nana neighbourhood shamelessly sells sex and sex-related items on nearly every corner. It would be difficult for a western man to walk down the street without getting calls and sly looks. Countless clubs and bars can be found here, as well as streetside vendors selling erotic paraphernalia out in the open. A few popular shows are held here as well, something you can’t forget.

There are also several hourly hotels for those who have the urge and need somewhere to release it. If you like that sort of thing, this will likely be the first spot on your list, but it’s a big no-go for family-goers. Nana Plaza is just one BTS station from Asoke or Soi Cowboy. During the day, everything seems still and calm, until nightfall, when the mood and atmosphere change completely. You and your family should stay far away from these locations for a happier vacation.

City Guide: Visiting Bangkok with family? Avoid these places... | News by Thaiger
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Khao San Road

For many years, Khao San Road has been the leading backpacker destination in Bangkok. It’s an infamous place that needs no introduction. The long walking street is commonly packed with tourists wearing huge backpacks and baggy elephant trousers, with bottles of local beer in hand. It’s also an ideal place for travellers on a budget and those who want to party.

However, the city recently renovated the historic Waking Street, making it a relatively safe place for families to visit during the daytime. But once the sun goes down, the typical nightlife crowd comes out of the woodwork. So just make sure to vacate from the area before dinnertime and you’ll be all right.

City Guide: Visiting Bangkok with family? Avoid these places... | News by Thaiger
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So there you have it, our top places for families to avoid when visiting Bangkok. Of course, this is just a short list; there are plenty more places that should not be on the family radar in the Big Mango and within Thailand.

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