Where Thai locals go for a happy ending

Thailand has a numerous amount of convenient and simple places to go to if you want a quick lovemaking session. There are literally hundreds of “erotic entertainment venues” in the Land of Smiles that locals like to frequent. It’s not because they dislike areas such as Soi Cowboy, Nana Plaza, or Patpong in Bangkok, or the walking streets of Phuket and Pattaya, they just don’t like to be seen with sex workers. Locals say it damages their ego, or in other words, makes them lose face.

Going to an erotic entertainment venue, such as a massage parlour or ‘Arb Orb Nuad’ in Thai, is a more private thing for locals, and the same goes for a number of other Asian nationalities. They prefer that than going to a go go bar or a strip club.

How is an erotic entertainment venue different from a regular red light district?

Let me explain how the experience differs from the usual visit to a red light district.

The experience of walking through the entrance of an entertainment venue of your choice is a total contrast from one place to another. For a start, a well established massage parlour will be different compared to an independent venue. Think of brothels.

Different types of women

If you decide to go to a popular location, you won’t be greeted by a woman trying to get your attention. The experience is quite similar to walking into the lobby of a hotel. You will be seated in front of a fishbowl. No, not a bowl filled with water and a few fishes, but a room filled attractive women. There is a window that separates you from the group of ladies gathered in front of you, and all of them generally have a number attached to their top. A member of staff is on hand to help guide you through the process. You can ask them for advice and recommendations, so you know more about the person you spend time with, and then you pick a number.

The ladies are generally split into groups or categories and the top masseuse costs more for her services than the less experienced massage girls.

Sideline girls near the venue

Sideline girls are freelancers who normally sit outside the fishbowl on the customer lounge side. They have the freedom to come and go as they please, and their badge is a different colour to identify them as sidelines. Thais tend to prefer these girls. Their services cost more, but not as high as the “models.” The models aren’t models as such, like the ones you find in glossy magazines, they are called models because they are tall, skinny, and have pale skin tones.

Many Thailand erotic entertainment venues offer the same services but the naming is different from one place to another. You don’t have to go to a massage parlour. Local Thais also visit a place called a lounge. This is similar to Arb Orb Nuad. It’s a place where you can choose one of the girls from the bar to sit and have a drink with you. Instead of being seen by the public, you’re in a place, similar to a karaoke room with ladies of your choice. You pay for the meal, drinks, and for the girl to sit with you. What happens afterwards is between the two of you.

A word of advice, don’t assume every massage place you walk past is a den of eroticism. Believe it or not there are average Thai massage shops. Our two cents worth, or two Thai baht worth, is to notice where they are located. If it’s on the main road or shopping mall, anything naughty is off the table.

What types of erotic massage can be found in Bangkok?

The term “Erotic massage near me” can result in an array of options. Here, we’ll mention three popular types found in Bangkok.

  1. Soapy Massage: Characterised by lathering up in sudsy foam, Soapy Massage typically involves a masseuse skillfully utilizing her body to massage yours. Notably, Angelina, a budget-friendly option, hosts attractive masseuses providing comprehensive two-hour soapy sessions for 1400 baht.

  2. Nuru Massage: Originating in Japan, Nuru massage involves a unique gel made from seaweed. This gel-laden massage breaks the boundary between masseuse and client, fostering a deeper, more intimate connection.

  3. Body-to-Body Massage: This scintillating offering involves skin-to-skin contact, which can be supplemented with a handjob, blowjob, or full service at variable rates.

Additionally, establishments like Nancy Soapy Massage and Daisy Dream Massage offer private rooms fitted with karaoke and Jacuzzi tubs, augmenting your sensual massage experience.

Where can I find erotic massages in Bangkok?

Check out our Google Maps listing of the massages that you should definitely try for an “happy ending”:

What you should know about happy ending massage before getting one?

  1. What is the happy ending in body massage?

The so-called “happy ending” in body massage can mean anything that will bring sexual pleasure to you. Usually, massage shops give hints that customers will achieve their ideal orgasm in various ways, such as sex toys or sexual intercourse.

2. What is the meaning of body-to-body massage?

Body-to-body massage means that you will receive a sensual massage that involves the masseuse’s body touching and massaging your whole body. The process is made easier with lubricant and may involve a “happy ending” as well.

3. Do happy-ending massage parlours in Bangkok have rooms for group bookings?

Most massage parlours in Bangkok that offer happy endings are not the right setting for group bookings. Soapy massage parlours are the best bet if you want to take a group out for happy-ending massages. Many larger soapy massage clubs have large VIP party rooms that can hold 10 or more people.

4. Where are the best happy-ending massage parlours in Bangkok?

The best happy ending massage parlors in Bangkok are all located off of Sukhumvit Road. The happy ending massage parlors on Sukhumvit Soi 23 are best because of their young and pretty girls.

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