Korat’s iconic wooden bridge damaged in field fire, restoration underway

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The century-old wooden bridge in Nakhon Ratchasima, a popular vintage tourist spot, suffered significant damage following a field fire. The incident has prompted the village headman to pursue legal action against the person responsible for starting the fire, while also rushing to restore the bridge for usage.

Laiyad Hakratok, the headman of Khok Krachai district, along with Panya Yaemkratok, the village chief of Khok Krachai Moo 1, led Uthai Nunun, an agricultural officer of Khon Buri, and Prachak Padkraburi, the district’s governing officer, inspected the damage today, January 10.

The popular tourist attraction in Nakhon Ratchasima province had been ravaged by a fire started by farmers in a nearby rice field, which had spread to the historic wooden bridge, causing it to break in several places. This has made the bridge unusable for locals and tourists alike, not to mention the loss of its aesthetic beauty.

Upon detailed inspection, it was discovered that the bridge had broken in a total of seven places and that over 10 plots of farmers’ fields, which had already been harvested, were also affected by the fire.

According to Laiyad, the incident occurred late on Saturday, January 6. The cause is believed to be either a secretive burning of rice stubble in a nearby field or a fire started to hunt field mice. The post-harvest season is commonly known for field mouse hunting, attracting locals and people from different areas. The fire might have been lit to provide light during the night, but due to inadequate supervision, it spread and caused widespread damage, reported KhaoSod.

The village chief has reported the incident to the Khon Buri Police Station and is preparing to coordinate with both government and private agencies to secure funding to repair the damaged bridge.

The bridge, nearly 1 kilometre long and over 100 years old, was built by the local community to cross rice fields and transport goods. It served as a route for locals in the past and continues to do so today. Although it has been repaired several times, the base of the bridge has been replaced with a concrete pillar instead of a wooden one due to the bridge’s age and wear and tear over time. However, the top of the bridge remains wooden, for locals to commute as they used to.

The community collectively preserved and maintained it due to its historical value and beauty. Especially during the green paddy season, the beauty of the bridge is enhanced, making it a popular tourist and vintage spot in Nakhon Ratchasima province. It attracts many tourists every year who visit to admire and photograph the scenic spot.

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