MQDC unveils Cloud 11 – Asia’s largest hub for content creators with innovative and sustainable building

PHOTO: Cloud 11 (Architectural Model)

Cloud 11, MQDC’s second themed project, aims to become Asia’s largest hub for content creators and a pioneering sustainable project, valued at over 40 billion Thai baht in South Sukhumvit, Bangkok. With a gross floor area of 254,000 square metres, Cloud 11 will showcase a versatile range of facilities, including a creative office and studio space, hybrid retail, smart hotel, lifestyle hotel, education zone, cultural zone, and public space, featuring Bangkok’s largest rooftop park. Cloud 11 design concept is to bring sustainability to the forefront of the project, not only from an environmental standpoint but also from a social and economic perspective.

Cloud 11 Interview
PHOTO: Left to Right: Mr. Kjetil Thorsen (Founder of Snøhetta), Mr. Keerin Chutumstid – Chief Operating Officer, MQDC, Mr. Onza Janyaprasert (Project Director of Cloud 11), Mr. Nitis Sthapitanonda – Executive Director, A49

The metropolitan city of Bangkok currently has only 7 sqm per capita for green area, which is far lower than other Asian countries. Cloud 11 aspires to be a prominent green hub, and aims to give more green space back to Bangkok.

The project takes responsibility for the environmental impact of the construction. The design, including the construction of the common area and parking area, is thought out accordingly. For example, the building was built around a 100 year old banyan tree to preserve it. The centre of the project was made into a vast public green space, which is the signature of the building.

Mr. Onza Janyaprasert, Project Director of Cloud 11, said…

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“Sustainability is of utmost importance and requires substantial investment, however, we are prepared to invest in it. The value of a 100 year old tree far surpasses that of any monetary gain.”

There is a combination of inputs, everything from biodiversity to energy production, streaming the commands and making clean water, and diffusing the air that goes to the public area. The water distribution canal project is another prime example of Cloud 11’s strong intent on environmental sustainability.

However, the aesthetics of the building is not compromised along with its goal of environmental sustainability. The building’s unique cut-out design, which incorporates the vast green common space, serves this goal.

Cloud 11 (Architectural Model)
PHOTO: Cloud 11 (Architectural Model)

The 3-layer concept of the building was inspired by the area surrounding the project, which are tenement houses on the street level. This street level serves as the building’s base. The second layer, the interstitial area, was inspired by the skywalk and decorated with a similar theme. Finally, the third layer, the skyline, is the building itself. This level is designed to stand out from the rest of the area, with spaces for activities, sports, and creativity. The building’s size was carefully considered to ensure that natural light seeps into every part of the area. If the building were too large, it would block the light, preventing it from reaching the deeper zones such as the canal. This design allows guests to enjoy panoramic views while keeping the space bright and comfortable. This intricately designed 3-layer building will surely leave a unique impression on the visitors’ minds.

Mr. Kjetil Thorsen, the founder of Snøhetta, Cloud 11’s Design Consultant, commented…

“Beauty and environmental sustainability are not mutually exclusive; there is an aesthetic quality to the design that is also environmentally conscious.”

MQDC unveils Cloud 11 - Asia's largest hub for content creators with innovative and sustainable building | News by Thaiger
PHOTO: Left to Right: Mr. Nitis Sthapitanonda Executive Director A49, Mr. Onza Janyaprasert (Project Director of Cloud 11), Mr. Kjetil Thorsen (Founder of Snøhetta) showcasing Cloud 11’s architectural model

According to research by MCDC, there was a high demand for public exercise space in the local community. Cloud 11’s innovative cut-out architecture fulfils the locals’ needs with an open-air space for exercise with shade and a 400-metre exercise trail alongside the canal. Universal Design makes all the facilities accessible to everyone. Moreover, the latest technology, including robots, guarantees visitors a seamless and automated experience.

Cloud 11 embraces an “Empowering Creators” concept, adhering to its social sustainability objective. With fast-evolving technology, content creators have a more prominent role, significantly driving the entertainment industry and eventually promoting Thailand’s soft power. Cloud 11 serves more than a mixed-use property project; it is a hub for content creators to showcase their work and collaborate. With a mission to empower creators, the project will facilitate content creation by boasting creator funds, talent, studio spaces and state-of-the-art equipment.

The project provides a network for existing and future businesses while bringing challenges, creating new spaces, and increasing biodiversity. This innovative architectural project aims to become Asia’s leading creator economy hub and elevate the entertainment industry through technology. Cloud 11 also intends to support local businesses and, subsequently, make contributions to local economic development.

All three definitions of sustainability – environmental, economic and social- are intricately embedded into Cloud 11. The unique endeavour is also made with the hope to inspire other real estate developers in Bangkok.

Cloud 11 in construction
PHOTO: Cloud 11 under construction

Construction of Cloud 11 began in 2022. Piling and foundation work has been completed, and building construction is currently in progress. It is anticipated that Cloud 11 will open in the fourth quarter of 2024.

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