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Thai business tycoon buys Fortune for $150 million

The Thaiger



Thai business tycoon buys Fortune for $150 million | The Thaiger

Photo: Fortune

Chatchaval Jiaravanon, son of the executive chairman of Thailand’s biggest conglomerate (the Charoen Pokphand Group) and part of the richest family in Thailand has bought Fortune for $150 million (4.8 billion baht). Publisher giant Meredith confirmed the sale on Friday, saying it will use the money to pay off down debt.

The Thai business tycoon – executive chairman of Finansia Syrus Securities, director of AEON Thana Sinsap and True corporation subsidiaries among other – joined negotiations late in October. This came after American billionaire Marc Benioff and his wife Lynne changed their minds and bought Time for $190 million instead.

Thai business tycoon buys Fortune for $150 million | News by The Thaiger

Chatchaval Jiaravanon – Photo: Thailand Tatler

Alan Murray, previously Fortune editor and now promoted to president and CEO of the new company, named Fortune Media Group and said the office was ‘jazzed’, and that their new Thai investor was a long-term investor. Murray expects to start expanding his journalist team and build up their technology to “Improve Fortune and make it a more global brand”.

Publisher Meredith told analysts that it was to raise $500 million by the end of the sell-off. Still waiting to sell Sports Illustrated and Money – two other brands they acquired in the $2.8 billion Time Inc deal – it is unlikely they will sell them before years end.


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Top 10 party countdowns for new years eve in Phuket 2019

The Thaiger



Top 10 party countdowns for new years eve in Phuket 2019 | The Thaiger

New years eve is just around the corner. Are you ready?

There are lots of options for dinner around the island. But what are you doing after that on December 31?– when the kids go to bed and the adults can go out, where there is bubbly to be found and music to dance to.

In case you’re not sure, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are some amazing options to make your new years eve the best yet…

Catch Beach Club

Top 10 party countdowns for new years eve in Phuket 2019 | News by The Thaiger

Countdown starts now! An epic NYE Extravaganza party on the beach with Sensational entertainment spread on five stages. Enjoy this glorious day with us. Enjoy a full spectrum of the “crème de la crème” entertainment, dancers, DJs, performances and shows with the year’s cherry on the cake: London’s House duo Prok & Fitch


Kata Rocks

Top 10 party countdowns for new years eve in Phuket 2019 | News by The Thaiger

Countdown & After Party! Hours of handcrafted drinks, canapés, live DJs and musical performances playing your favourite retro jams and spectacular fireworks to welcome the New Year! Champagne toasts, selfies with shimmering Andaman sea backdrop, and everyone in the pool early AM frenzy. (9.30pm until late)


Dream Beach Club 

Top 10 party countdowns for new years eve in Phuket 2019 | News by The Thaigerpresents WHITE & GOLD – NYE 2018 PARTY
December 31, 2018 | 7pm – Late

Join us for the countdown party of the year, with the biggest international line up in Phuket!! Featuring world exclusive performance by F A I T H L E S S (DJ SET)


Xana Beach Club 

Top 10 party countdowns for new years eve in Phuket 2019 | News by The Thaiger

New Year’s Eve Countdown Party. Countdown in style from 10pm onwards, dazzling fireworks show, groovy music from the celebrity DJ ‘Lady Lee’ and a complimentary glass of bubbly or house wine to toast to success in 2019 as the clock strikes midnight. After the countdown, guests are invited to join the after-party, led by DJs.


Monkey Diva

Yes, we are aware that this includes dinner but, and its big but, this is something different, intimate, exciting and I know even you will want to join in the show.  The New Year’s Eve Ball.

Top 10 party countdowns for new years eve in Phuket 2019 | News by The Thaiger

“We will be welcoming the New Year in Extravagant style with an evening filled with colours, music, tastes and bubbles.

This celebration will be in the company of our Glam Divas who will put rhythm to the night with a 4 parts stage variety of unique performances where guests are invited to share the stage and the floor until l countdown to midnight and beyond!

Join us and come in your best Diva and Glam outfits on our most joyful night which will be the highlight of your festive season in Phuket.”


Cafe del Mar

Top 10 party countdowns for new years eve in Phuket 2019 | News by The Thaiger

Bye Bye 2018 & Good Morning 2019

New Year’s Evening Celebration to 2019 at Cafe Del Mar Phuket

Music by: Joe Gradante | Nicola Vega | Sam Sparacio | Dj Man | Dj Kay

Show: Aerial performance | Fireworks on the beach | Dancers | 2019 Countdown Party

Entrance Fee: 2000 baht net / pers



Top 10 party countdowns for new years eve in Phuket 2019 | News by The Thaiger


Prepare yourselves to be part of the very last and unforgettable experience of 2018 with ILLUZION Phuket and begin the New Year at the top venue in Thailand with:

Danny Avila (#38 TOP100 DJs by DJ MAG)


Iguana Beach Club

Top 10 party countdowns for new years eve in Phuket 2019 | News by The Thaiger

Bermudos Crew invite you to tropical New Yers Eve party at private beach Iguana! Music trip from sunset to sunrise from Wayu, Radar, German Shmidt, Stixplanet, Dassana and Dennis Lee. Special sound and light, exclusive performance, fire show and fireworks at midnight! Thai cuisine available all night long.


Paradise Beach Club – Full Moon Party

Why not mix new years and a full moon party? What could possibly go wrong?

Top 10 party countdowns for new years eve in Phuket 2019 | News by The Thaiger

Paradise Beach presents the BIGGEST OPEN AIR FESTIVAL in Phuket to celebrate the coming of the NEW YEAR right on our stunning beach overlooking the beauty of Patong Bay.


Surf House Phuket 

Top 10 party countdowns for new years eve in Phuket 2019 | News by The Thaiger

Come and join us for the New Year’s Celebration at Surf House Kata Beach.

Welcome 2019 with our amazing crew of DJ, Fire-show & Surf House dancers thought the night. So come on down and join us at the coolest place on Kata Beach.

Book your table now and enjoy the best rooftop view of the Firework show over kata beach at 00:00.
Party starts from 7pm until late

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Patong’s beach road closed for an hour for new year celebrations

The Thaiger



Patong’s beach road closed for an hour for new year celebrations | The Thaiger

The Patong beach road will officially close for an hour as Patong revelers celebrate New Year 2019 at the island’s most famous beach. Thaweewong Road (Beach Road) will close from 11.30pm-12.30am.

The closure is meant to be a safety measure to stop the volume of tourists and new year revelers from being run over. But last new year the traffic was in gridlock from 11pm until nearly 1.30pm with people who parked near the beach stuck in Patong until the hoards of people started to dissipate.

Most of the beach road will be closed to traffic from Prachanukroh Road in the south near the Absolute Sea Pearl Beach Hotel to Hatpatong Road near Loma Park.

The Patong Municipality has organised two nights of celebration for its Patong Beach “Countdown 2019”.

Sunday night

5pm-6pm – DJ Rocker

6pm-6:55pm – DJ Daee

7pm-8pm – Welcome greetings and opening of the Patong Beach Countdown 2019 by Phuket Governor Pakkapong Tawipat and Patong Mayor Chalermlak Kebsub

8pm-9pm – DJ Notto

9pm-10:30pm – DJ T.W.B Beer

10:30pm-midnight – DJ Eliz Too

Midnight-1:30am – DJ Leo.P

1:30am-3am – DJ Samatsky

3am-close – DJ New Aks

New Year’s Eve (Monday)

5:30pm-6:30pm – “Sending off of the Sun for 2018” with a countdown by the Phuket Governor and Patong Mayor

6:35pm-7:30pm – DJ Ben

7:30pm-8:30pm – DJ Mayga

8:30pm-9:30pm – DJ Karim

9:30pm-11:30pm – DJ T.W.B. Beer

11:30pm – Start of live broadcast of Patong Beach Countdown on Thai TV channel “Spring News Channel 19”

Then… Midnight Countdown to the New Year

Midnight – Happy New Year 2019 fireworks!!!!!

Midnight-2am – Top DJ duo “Breathe Carolina” from the US

2am-3am – DJ Samatsky

3am-Close – DJ AKS

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Thai artist uses sex workers’ hair to make social critique in BKK installation

The Thaiger



Thai artist uses sex workers’ hair to make social critique in BKK installation | The Thaiger

PHOTOS: Vivianne Chow

Thai artist, Imahathai Suwatthanasilp new work at the Bangkok Biennale has brought attention to the prostitution industry in Thailand. Through her work the artist critiques preconceptions on sex workers while highlight their prevalence.

Imahathai’s new work involved hair, specifically hair collected from a number of sex workers in Thailand. Her passion for hair started when her father was diagnosed with liver cancer in 2003 and he asked her to cut his hair. He had always grown his hair into four long ponytails, each of which represented one of his children. He had hoped that it could be a part of him his children could keep with him if ever he would have to leave them, he died in 2008.

Studying art at Silapakorn University she began to use her own hair as a medium for deeply personal artworks. Her new installation titled Good Girls Go to Heaven, Bad Girls Go Everywhere is currently on display at the Biennale (taking place until February 3 in 20 venues across Bangkok) involves weaving the hair of Thai sex workers around 174 parts of a vintage sewing machine.

With a population of 70 million, it is estimated that there are around 800,000 to 2 million sex workers in Thailand. Often perceived to be generally accepted, prostitution remains illegal in Thailand.

Under a 1996 Thai law, there is no offence for the customer but the sex worker can be fined for offering his or her services and on top of that receive  up to a month in jail for working at a sex establishment.

Recent government discussion are moving to the notion of abolishing or regulating the business creating protective measure for the work force rather than current punitive ones. Sex workers have shared their opinion and agree that the trade should be legalised and the government should create worker ID’s so they can be identified and protected like other occupations.

For her current art work Suwatthanasilp reached out to the Empower Foundation in Chiang Mai. They provide support for those who work in the sex industry, fight for the decriminalisation and offer protection to the workers while helping them to learn new skills.

The sewing machines were part of one initiative to help provide an alternative source of income for the sex workers. People were kind enough to donate sewing machines but the organization notes they always came with a label of expected ‘salvation’.

Prostitution is deemed as a bad career choice, and all sex workers are under pressure to work in a  ‘acceptable’ job. Suwatthanasilp’s works has the hair of the workers shaped into leaves, grass and flowers around the sewing machine parts portraying the birth of something beautiful, delicate and intricate being able to born out of cold metal.

Thai artist uses sex workers' hair to make social critique in BKK installation | News by The Thaiger

“By changing the shape of the lifeless sewing machine parts into new and lifelike objects… I want to tell people that life is able to grow out of something cold, just like how sex workers survive the judgement of the society and social structure,” – Suwatthanasilp  

Very few of the machines were used for their expected purpose, as many of the women had chosen to work in this dark industry as a means to provide for their family. One woman know by the artist said that she worked her whole life in the sex trade as it was the only way to put her kids through university.

Regardless of the negative connotations attached to their job description, many of these women love their families and will do the necessary to provide for them.

In some countries with legal prostitution social benefits have shown that  incidents of rape have decrease due to the availability of the service, as well as lower the spreading rate of various sexually transmitted diseases.  Keeping prostitution illegal is often pitched as a act for women, yes it only detrimental to an huge pre-existing industry.

Decriminalisation can provide measures of precaution for the worksas well as access to legal protections although many advocated will say that only once prostitution has been completely erased will women be ‘saved’ form the exploitation and violence associated with it.

From an outsiders point of view, the conundrum stems by the juxtaposition of allowing the industry to flourish and exist in Thailand while not being willing to provide any form of legal safety net for the workers. Whether regulations and and a new approach by authorities would help remains to be seen, but it could be a first small step in the right direction.

SOURCE: Time, Quartz 


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