The Thaiger Digital Summit – Seven Thai Tech Start-Ups Speak Out

Disrupt or Die. Tune in to a full-tilt, one-hour online event led by The Thaiger’s Co-Founder and leading digital entrepreneur Michael Kenner. On the virtual stage will be fast-paced conversations with seven amazing start-up disruptors who are set to change Thailand’s online space.

From super apps, the sharing economy, big data, to taking business off the sois and onto digital platforms. The pandemic has been a catalyst for the biggest entrepreneurial opportunity in our lifetime.

This is a provocative new series of virtual disruptive events from The Thaiger which is aimed to change the way business thinks, and promote change, bring ideas to life, and give innovation a step up.

Sign up now, get the chaos monkeys off your back and prepare to be inspired and dream big.

• Pun (Twwo) Jaruthassanakul – Senior investment Manager, 500 Startups
• Jostein Aksnes – Chief Executive Officer, Seven Peaks
• Brennan Campbell – Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, FazWaz
• Sapir Matmon – CEO and Co-Founder, Tadoo
• Ashton Lawson – Creative Director, Creative Concept AV
• Junaid Shaikh- Digital Coordinator, The Thaiger

• Michael Kenner – Co-Founder – The Thaiger

The event will begin on September 15 at 3:00 p.m. local time, you can also register for free by clicking HERE.

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