CCSA monitoring developments in next 2 weeks to decide next steps

PHOTO: Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration

An advisor to the Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration says what happens in the next 2 weeks is crucial to determining any further easing of restrictions. According to a Bangkok Post report, Dr Udom Kachintorn says there is unlikely to be any further relaxing of measures until officials are sure the situation is under control.

Udom says the easing of restrictions on September 1 could have caused a surge in news infections, adding that the recent decline in infections is because of the lockdown introduced from July, coupled with more people being vaccinated. He says that in order to keep infections trending downward, people must continue being careful.

“The lockdown easing from September 1 has flattened the downward trend and cases will begin to rise, so we must rely on the public’s precautions and universal prevention measures. State agencies and the private sector must conduct random spot tests every week.”

Udom adds that having people fully vaccinated might not always translate to falling infection rates, as can be seen in the US and Europe. In Thailand, the predominant Covid-19 strain is the highly contagious Delta variant.

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Thailand has reported 132 Covid-related fatalities and 12,583 new infections in the last 24 hours. 1,177 were detected as a result of mass testing, while 163 were found in prisons. There are currently 132,113 patients undergoing treatment for Covid-19 in Thailand.

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SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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