How to choose the ideal nanny for your family in Thailand (2022)

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Looking for a nanny for your child in Thailand? If yes then you have come to the right place as we have outlined the steps of how to choose an ideal nanny for your family. Having a great nanny can make your life way easier but finding the one that best suits your family can be a daunting task. This is because there are lots of factors to put into consideration when choosing an ideal nanny and the most important of course is your child’s safety.

We have compiled a few factors to take into consideration when choosing the perfect nanny for your family so read on.

Identify your needs

Before you hire a nanny, it is good to consider what type of support you need. Are you a working parent with a hectic schedule and needing a full-time babysitter to look after your child when you work or do you just need someone who comes in part-time? Does the nanny have to have special needs experience or do you want a type of nanny who can juggle tasks and run other types of errands for you? Furthermore, it would be good to decide when you want the nanny to be available and how often you need her.

Once you have that clear picture of what type of childcare services you want for your child, you can share your expectations before you hire her to avoid problems in the future. Tell her about your parenting style and also tell them about your children. Are there some special needs your child has or is under any medications that the nanny can assist with?

Furthermore, to ensure that your child is in safe hands, it is highly recommended to check the background of your nanny to make sure that she has no criminal records. A way to do it is to hire her from a trusted agent that has her record or check with her previous employers and hear their feedback about her.

Think long term

Rather than thinking about your child’s immediate needs, it is better to consider your whole family’s needs. A nanny can be an incredible asset to your family if you hire someone who is responsible, reliable and has a good relationship with you. A newborn child may need a nanny that is warm and nurturing but a great nanny is the one that can grow with your child and challenge them every step of the way.

Parents who are on a budget may want to hire a nanny who can do the job and charge less. But if you have numerous children, it would be ideal to opt for a nanny that has experience with sleep training, toilet training, or caring for multiple children at once.

If you have older children, having an experienced nanny who can plan your child’s daily activities can help relieve some of the pressure, especially if you are a working parent. You will feel at ease knowing that your child is being given quality care and that their day is planned out, safe, and stimulating.

Finding a child care service provider with the ideal skill set for your child and values that are aligned with your family could make your life much easier in the long term.

Where to look for a nanny

Some of the ways you can find your ideal nanny is to ask your friends or people you know to recommend you a nanny that you can rely on and trust. You can also use social media platforms and go to groups where people are constantly posting jobs.

Another great way to find a childcare service provider that is most suitable for your family is to contact a trusted home services platform. SAIJAI, Thailand’s leading home service marketplace offers a large selection of homecare services. Through this platform, you can browse for a nanny or a babysitter that is the best fit for your family. SAIJAI has all you need for in-home or vacation child care, including bilingual nannies who are available daily, hourly, or both! You can examine their profiles and choose the nanny who best for your family after viewing their profiles.

In conclusion, every family will have their own preferences for the type of childcare services they want. It is therefore important to determine your needs and set clear expectations early on. Also before hiring a nanny, it is important to think long-term. This is because, at the end of the day, we want someone who can blend in well with the family and are able to provide your child with the quality care they need. Visit SAIJAI, to browse and find the nanny that best matches your family’s needs!

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