A Guide to Visiting Austria in 2021


Can Travellers Visit Vienna from Thailand? A Guide to Visiting Austria in 2021

If you’re wondering whether visiting Austria from Thailand is currently possible, keep reading…

It’s safe to say global travel has been difficult over the past 18 months. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many destinations have closed their borders to many international tourists.

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Austria, like most other countries, has imposed limitations on tourists, although, at the time of writing it is still possible to travel there as a Thai citizen or resident

Below we have concluded and described what restrictions to expect upon arrival, what to see in Austria, and what it’s like to visit now in 2021.

Getting to Austria

Of course, the quickest way to get from Thailand to Austria is to fly. There are direct flights operating between Vienna and Bangkok a few days of the week and plenty of other options available with one stop-off along the way.

To enter Austria you must possess a valid Schengen visa as well as your Thai passport. To get a short stay visa you will need to apply directly to the local Austrian consulate or the Austrian embassy in Thailand before you travel.

If however, you have an EU, American, Canadian, Malaysian, or Australian passport you can enter Austria for up to 90 days without the need for a visa.

COVID-19 Restrictions on Arrival

As the pandemic continues, Austria has introduced safety restrictions at its border to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Fortunately, this currently doesn’t involve any quarantine restrictions for Thai-based travellers.

However, to enter the country you’ll need to provide proof you’ve either had the virus, tested negative for it, or have been fully vaccinated against it.

At the border, you will be asked to provide the following evidence on arrival:

  • Your vaccination certificate OR
  • A negative result from a PCR or rapid antigen test taken within 72 hours of your departure OR
  • A COVID Certificate of Recovery (Medical Certificate issued by a medical professional showing you have recovered within the last 180 days

The document you use as evidence must only be written in English or German so it can be accepted by the border authorities.

Accepted Vaccinations

Austria, like much of the EU, only considers a Thai passenger fully vaccinated if they have been inoculated using one of a few medically approved COVID-19 vaccines.

In this case, the Austrian authorities will recognize vaccine certificates of the following manufacturer’s vaccines:

  • AstraZeneca
  • BioNTech/Pfizer
  • Moderna
  • Sinopharm
  • Sinovac

For your vaccination certificate to be accepted as valid, you must have received the full dosage of the vaccine to be fully protected against COVID.

The certificate will only be accepted if it is written in English or German and must show you had your 2nd injection no less than 14 days before travelling to Austria.

Restrictions Tourists Must Follow in Austria

Currently, most entertainment and hospitality is open in Austria. However, there are some local restrictions to keep in mind.

First of all, like in many places around the world, wearing a mask is mandatory in indoor locations and public transport. It is also advised to maintain social distancing of around 1.5 m – 2 m at all times.

Additionally, public indoor and outdoor spaces such as hotels, restaurants, museums and events, require proof of vaccination, recovery or testing negative for COVID. Like at the border, your evidence must either be written in English or German to be accepted.

Why a Trip to Austria is Worth it

Austria isn’t the first European destination most people think of when they plan a trip to the continent, but it’s somewhere that should be high on your travel bucket list.

Vienna the capital city is both modern and retains a classical 18th-century charm from its time as the centre of the Austrian empire. There are beautiful parks and gardens, glorious palaces and opera houses as well as wonderful walks along the Danube river to enjoy whilst visiting.

Not only that, but the mountainous and rugged alpine landscape of the country as a whole make this a place you will want to see. Whether you come to ski in the winter or enjoy the summer weather this is a spectacular place to enjoy nature.

Austria is very close to other countries that are worth a visit too. It’s very easy to get a train from Vienna or other major cities to places like Venice, Budapest, Prague and Zurich.

As you can see, visiting Austria from Thailand in 2021 is not as complicated as it seems. However, travel restrictions can change at short notice, therefore make sure to check the latest news before buying your tickets and flying.

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