Young Thai-Italian man vanishes in Hong Kong

A mother from Nonthaburi, central Thailand, filed a missing person report yesterday for her Thai-Italian son who disappeared during a trip to Hong Kong last month, reports CH3.

The young man, 22 year old Danilo “No” Benjakul, travelled from Thailand to Hong Kong with a friend on March 8 before disappearing without a trace, his 41 year old mother Chotika told reporters last night at Rattanathibet Police Station. He was scheduled to fly back to Thailand on March 13.

When Danilo arrived in Hong Kong, he sent photos and messages to his mother via the Line application. However, Danilo stopped responding and hasn’t made any contact with his family since. Chotika said she rings and sends messages every day.

Danilo’s mother said it was very stressful when her son suddenly stopped responding during his trip because usually, he tells her everything he is doing, “even eating or going to the bathroom.”

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Chotika said that Danilo recently finished his studies at university and asked his mother’s permission to travel to Hong Kong with a friend to explore and relax. In a few months, Danilo is set to attend his graduation ceremony, said his mother.

She said she hasn’t been able to sleep since suddenly losing contact with Danilo and has had to take sleeping pills every night.

Through teary eyes, Chotika said…

“I don’t have an education. I don’t know what to do. Come back home please baby. Come back to mother.”

Chotika asked the police to ask the relevant agencies to search for her son. She hopes he will make it to his graduation ceremony in a few months.

Danilo posted a video of himself exercising on Instagram on March 22, which was his most recent activity on the app.

The whereabouts of Danilo’s friend who travelled with him to Hong Kong are also unknown. Chotika didn’t say whether Danilo’s friend has been reported missing.

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