Vietnamese man lives with ex-mother-in-law who arranges remarriage

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A 33 year old Vietnamese man remained in the same household as his former mother-in-law even after divorcing his wife. Surprisingly, not only did the mother-in-law permit him to continue residing with her following his divorce from her daughter, but she also facilitated his marriage to another woman. Consequently, her daughter decided to move out instead.

The story began over 10 years ago when Van was introduced to Sue’s daughter through mutual acquaintances. They soon married, and their initial years of marriage were filled with joy. The couple had two children together, now aged nine and six.

However, eventually, the couple’s relationship grew tense, leading to the wife’s firm decision to divorce, despite attempts at reconciliation from Van and his mother-in-law. Despite the divorce, Sue allowed Van to live in her house, considering him as her son, reported Sanook. Sue justified her decision.

“Van has never disrespected me or behaved badly. He has always taken care of my two grandchildren well.”

On seeing Van struggle with his young age and responsibilities as a single father, his now ex-mother-in-law offered to arrange a new marriage for him. She even promised to welcome the new wife into their home, offering to become her mother-in-law and help take care of the household and the grandchildren.

She told her daughter of her intentions, who ultimately decided to move out of the house.

From then on, Van’s ex-mother-in-law took every step to find a new wife for Van, even preparing the wedding herself. In her new life with Van, his new wife, and her grandchildren, Sue prepared a beautiful bedroom with brand new bedding and a wardrobe, estimating the cost at around 50 million dong (about 74,000 baht). She also gifted the couple a pair of gold rings in their wedding ceremony.

Sue believes that they will live together happily and harmoniously, taking care of the grandchildren now and any future offspring to the best of their abilities, despite the bizarre and non-traditional foundations of the relationship.

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