Vietnamese man pays for wife’s motorcycle with two years’ worth of saved change

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A 36 year old man from Ho Chi Minh City created a stir on Vietnam’s social networks recently. He brought a backpack filled with a meticulously arranged stack of banknotes to a motorcycle shop. The backpack weighed a hefty 11 kilograms and contained approximately 32,769,000 Vietnamese Dong (approximately 48,000 baht) (US$ 1,322) that he had saved over two years.

This man, who works in mechanical engineering, used all of this money to buy a motorcycle worth 47 million Vietnamese Dong (70,000 baht) (US$ 1,921) for his wife. He had to transfer an additional 14,827,000 Vietnamese Dong (21,000 baht) (US$ 578) to complete the purchase.

The motorcycle shop staff were taken aback by the man’s backpack and the large quantity of money. It took them over two hours to count the cash. Many were curious about his savings strategy.

The man explained that every time his wife went to the market or received change, he would urge her to save it. “Even a small accumulation can make a big difference,” he would tell her. Every half a month, he would neatly arrange the saved money and divide it into stacks. Each month, he and his wife saved between 700,000 Dong and over 1 million Dong (approximately 1,000 to 1,400 baht) (US$ 27 to 39), reported Sanook.

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“Before going to buy the motorcycle, I put the money in a sturdy paper box and took a picture as a keepsake,” he shared.

This was not the first time he had saved a large amount of money. He had previously saved a considerable sum to buy another vehicle. When he saw that his wife’s motorcycle was getting old, he decided to use the change he had been saving for two years to buy a new motorcycle as a surprise gift for her.

“I don’t use Facebook often, so I’m not interested in likes or views,” he said. “Many people told me to exchange the money at the bank to attract views, but if I went to the bank, it would have to be new money. All of my money stacks are old money.”

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