Two killed in fiery road accident involving multiple motorcycles and pickup truck

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A horrific road accident claimed two lives and injured others in the early hours of today on Asia Highway No. 32 in Ayutthaya province. The accident involved multiple motorcycles and a pickup truck, leading to a fiery aftermath.

At around 12.30am, the police in Bang Pa-in district of Ayutthaya received a report of a serious road accident involving several motorcycles and a pickup truck, followed by a fire at kilometre 6 on Asia Highway No. 32.

Upon arrival, the officers found a blue-black Honda Forza motorcycle with Ayutthaya registration 1กร219. The front of the motorcycle was severely damaged and engulfed in flames. After five minutes of firefighting, the officers managed to extinguish the fire.

Close to the burning motorcycle, the officers discovered the body of a 42 year old man named Sakda, a local from Phachi district, Ayutthaya. The deceased was still wearing his helmet, and his body bore severe injuries, including broken limbs and deep wounds across his body.

At the scene, a group of motorcyclists riding the same model of motorcycles involved in the accident had gathered. Upon seeing the officers, they quickly dispersed, leaving various motorcycle parts scattered across the road.

Two injured men were also discovered at the scene, both of whom were immediately transported to Bang Pa-in Hospital, reported KhaoSod.

Domino effect

One of the injured men recounted that they had been travelling in a group when one of them crashed into the back of the pickup truck. The subsequent collision caused a domino effect, toppling multiple motorcycles.

uring the chaos, a group of youths and a pickup truck driver helped lift the motorcycles off the road, while some motorcyclists fled the scene.

About 200 metres away from the primary scene, the officers found a white Isuzu pickup truck with Ayutthaya registration ผกก754. The rear of the vehicle bore signs of collision and the tail light was shattered.

The pickup driver reported that he, his wife, and child were returning home from a friend’s house in Pathum Thani province when a swarm of 30-40 motorcycles suddenly swarmed the road.

Suddenly, he heard a loud crash at the back of his vehicle, and upon looking back, saw a motorcycle lose control, tumble, and burst into flames. Other motorcycles also lost control and crashed into his vehicle, causing further damage.

Later, another deceased was found in the nearby grass. The 18 year old man, known as Sarawut, was also from Phachi district, Ayutthaya. His body bore signs of broken limbs.

Near a pond close to the location where the second body was found, a grey Honda Forza with Ayutthaya registration 1กล5837 was discovered submerged in water. The motorcycle’s front was severely damaged.

Initial investigations suggest that the group of motorcyclists involved in the accident was travelling together. The collision marks and investigation of the accident scene have been recorded as evidence.

The pickup driver was invited for further investigation, and the bodies of the two deceased were sent to the Forensic Science Institute in Pathum Thani province for autopsy. Further legal proceedings are in progress.

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