Vietnamese man finds heartfelt letter from younger brother to their late mother

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A young man from Vietnam discovered a heartfelt letter, crudely drawn but filled with sincerity, left by his younger brother to their dead mother. The letter was found while the young man was cleaning his mother’s shrine.

While cleaning his mother’s shrine, a Vietnamese man found a concealed letter. His younger brother had left this heartfelt letter, filled with raw child-like sincerity, behind their mother’s photograph.

This heartfelt letter, though written on a small piece of paper with crude drawings and sad words from a young boy, overwhelmed the elder brother to tears. The letter read…

“Mother, I love you so much. Mother, I want to be with you. I want us to be together as a family.”

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Once the story was shared on social media, it quickly garnered attention from the online community. Many netizens expressed that children never lie, and therefore these words reflect the boy’s genuine love for his deceased mother, reported Sanook.

The more they read, the more heartbroken they felt.

“How much he misses his mother, a small piece of paper can’t contain it all.”

“I hope the little boy grows up strong and happy… I believe his mother will always bless him.”

“Every child’s heart breaks when they lose their mother. It has been three years since my mother passed away. At first, I cried every night because I couldn’t accept it.”

“To everyone whose parents are still alive, always cherish them while they are still beside you. My condolences to the children who no longer have a mother to love and protect them.”

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