Anta marches into Bangkok, kicks off its first sportswear sensation

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China’s premier sportswear label Anta inaugurated a shop in Bangkok, marking its ambitious expansion in the Asia-Pacific region. Gavin Lum, Anta’s regional brand marketing director for Southeast Asia, revealed the new store during a recent Thailand visit.

The Anta Sportswear store, occupying a 230 square metre area on CentralWorld’s third floor, kicked off operations on October 31. It caters to sports aficionados, athletes, and those on the lookout for superior sportswear and equipment.

Gavin explained that Anta’s launch in Thailand epitomises the company’s strategy to strengthen its foothold in Southeast Asia. Boasting a lively sports and street culture, Thailand also presents an attractive retail landscape.

Previously, Anta’s growing customer base could only purchase items online. The Thailand Anta Sportswear store now provides a platform for direct customer engagement.

Anta Sportswear, which was established in China 30 years ago, has been gradually increasing its presence in Asia for the past three to four years. It first set up shops in the Philippines, then in Malaysia and Singapore.

With a staggering 12,000 outlets in China, 40 in the Philippines, 40 in Malaysia, and four in Singapore, Anta also collaborates with partners to distribute its sports goods in Russia, the Middle East, and India.

In February this year, Anta Thailand Co was formed to oversee store operations in Thailand. Gavin revealed that the company anticipates opening 10 more Anta Sportswear stores across Thailand within the next year.

Highlighting the significance of the Thai market, Gavin commented on the vibrant and dynamic sports culture that is integral to the local lifestyle. He added that the store offers a diverse selection of sportswear and equipment, supported by expert staff advice.

The store’s extensive inventory includes Anta’s latest G21 Lite running shoes and Shockwave 5 Pro basketball shoes, endorsed by NBA player Kyrie Irving. Additionally, various sportswear, footwear, and accessories are available for purchase.

Gavin disclosed that the design of Anta Sportswear’s maiden Thailand store incorporates local cultural elements, merging art and sports seamlessly. The store will focus on basketball and running apparel and footwear, underlining Anta’s commitment to these sports.

Apart from its brand, Anta Sportswear retails around 10 other brands within its group, such as Fila, Wilson, and Salomon, broadening its product diversity further, reported Bangkok Post.

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