US fisherman discovers snake latched onto catch in bizarre incident

Photo: Sanook

A US fisherman was left exasperated after a stubborn snake latched onto his catch. It took a knife to separate the two, after which both were released back into the water.

The fishing incident, captured in a video clip titled “Fishing for a bonus snake,” occurred in Harris County, northwest of Houston, USA. The footage shows a snake tightly coiled around a fish that had just been reeled in from the water.

Initially, the fisherman was shocked and bemused by the sight, but as the snake refused to let go of its quarry, his expression turned to one of resignation. Eventually, he managed to successfully separate the snake from the fish before deciding to release both back into the water.

Chase McCray, the US fisherman, described his surprise at finding a large snake attached to the fish he had just caught. Even after he had reeled in his catch, the reptile clung tightly to the fish, seemingly unwilling to release its meal.

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“I used a knife to get the snake off the fish and released the fish back into the water. The snake had a small wound from the knife, but I let it go as well.”

This is not the first time that anglers have had to contend with other animals while fishing. Previously, a crew member on a charter boat in British Columbia, Canada, recorded an incident where a killer whale lunged at the boat to snatch a large salmon off a fishing rod, reported Sanook.

Snake discoveries have been common. Three metre long pythons were discovered in an empty plot of land in Bangkok, as a worker was using a backhoe to clear the area. Rescuers also located an additional python and a green viper, raising suspicions of the presence of at least ten more snakes in the vicinity. Read more HERE.

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