Vietnamese restaurant’s eating challenge sparks outrage as owner gripes over girl’s win

Photo: Sanook

A restaurant’s promotional eating challenge in Vietnam has sparked controversy on social media. The challenge involved consuming two trays of fried chicken within 90 minutes, with the reward being five million dong. However, the owner’s reaction to a young girl completing the challenge has ignited criticism from netizens.

Restaurants often create promotions or games to attract customers, setting various rules such as eating a certain quantity of food within a specified time. Successful attempts typically result in a prize or a waived meal cost. While these marketing tactics can be beneficial, they can also lead to severe backlash if customers perceive the restaurant as not honouring the rules.

A recent case in Vietnam involved a fried chicken restaurant issuing such a challenge. The drama unfolded online due to the owner’s behaviour towards a young girl who easily conquered the eating challenge.

A video clip showed a young girl nearly finishing two trays of fried chicken in just 55 minutes. Suddenly, the restaurant owner sat next to her, smiling uncomfortably and incessantly grumbling.

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“Today’s restaurant profit, electricity, water, chicken, employees’ costs… have to be given away as a reward.

“The only way now is for the customer to vomit everything out.”

The event clip was posted on the restaurant’s own TikTok account. However, the online community did not find it amusing, and the post immediately received heavy criticism.

The majority of the comments pointed out the inappropriate attitude and language of the male restaurant owner. He had set the rules and prepared for this challenge, yet when the competitor won, he sat down and complained.

His refusal to accept the competition result led many to believe that customers would not participate in any future challenges at the restaurant reported Sanook.

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