3 metre long snakes found while clearing land in Bangkok

Not one, but three pythons, each around three metres long, were found in an unoccupied plot of land in Bangkok. A worker was using a backhoe to clear the area when he stumbled across the large snakes. Rescuers also found another python and a green viper. They suspect at least 10 more snakes are in the area.

The area in in the capital’s Rat Burana district is piled with trash, dirt, leaves, and vegetation. Rescuers suspect the the backhoe disturbed the snakes, causing them to slither into sight.

Due to the overgrown vegetation and piles of dirt and trash, it was difficult for rescuers to catch the snakes. Reports say three of the pythons were over three metres long. Another snake, a venomous green viper, was also caught. The snakes were later released to a suitable habitat away from residential areas.

SOURCE: Channel 7

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Petch Petpailin

Petpailin, or Petch, is a Thai translator and writer for The Thaiger focusing on Thai news and what's happening in Thailand. She is a news writer who stops reading news on the weekends to spend more time cafe hopping and petting dwarf shrimp.