Former RTN sailor seriously injured after accidentally shooting himself

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A former Royal Thai Navy (RTN) sailor suffered a serious injury after accidentally shooting himself while playing with a gun in a rental room in the Isaan province of Burriam.

The sailor, Phattarapong Kongkird, was found by his girlfriend last night. She arrived home to discover her 41 year old boyfriend lying unconscious in a pool of blood with a gunshot wound to his left leg. The woman immediately notified officers from Na Pho Police Station who rushed to the scene.

According to the police report, Phattarapong was lying on his bed with a severe injury. The bullet struck a major artery, resulting in significant blood loss. A 9mm gun, a bullet shell, and three bottles of beer were found near his body.

The owner of the rental room, 77 year old Udom Tarttaisong, revealed that Phattarapong’s girlfriend had been renting the room for close to seven years. Mostly, the woman lived in the room alone because the man resigned from the RTN to work in the Department of Disaster Preventions and Mitigation in another province. Udom said no one heard the sound of the gun.

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Officers believe that the man visited his girlfriend but she was not home so he bought some beer and drank alone. Police did not confirm whether the shooting was a result of alcohol consumption, adding they will provide updates when the man regains consciousness.

Last year, a village chief, 37 year old Surasak Prongfah, survived after he accidentally shot himself while driving in the central province of Ayutthaya. Surasak continued driving but he crashed into a temple fence as he sought help. Surasak did not reveal any details of the accidental shooting.

Another related shooting incident reported last year was of a man who accidentally shot himself and died. According to the report, the man opened his mouth and accidentally shot himself while loading gunpowder into the gun.

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