Transport Minister urges civil servants to curb corruption for better pay

Transport Minister Anthony Loke has urged civil servants in Malaysia to avoid corruption, emphasising that the nation could achieve significant economic growth and provide better pay and benefits if corruption were eliminated. He made the statement during a memorandum of understanding signing event between the Port Klang Authority, government agencies, and maritime industry stakeholders to enhance collaboration in combating corruption.

“Let’s have a higher income the halal way,” Loke said, encouraging civil servants to pursue better income and lifestyles with integrity. The event also celebrated the Port Klang Authority receiving an International Organization for Standardisation Certificate of Compliance for Anti-Bribery Management Systems.

Loke assured the business community that they would not have to engage in corruption to conduct business in Malaysia. “We are here to facilitate that business can be conducted in a friendly manner and with integrity,” he stated.

In February, Selangor Anti-Corruption Commission director Datuk Alias Salim reported that civil servants were the largest group detained by the commission for corruption, irregularities, and abuse of power investigations between 2018 and 2022. According to the commission’s records, 170 civil servants were arrested during this period, followed by 84 private workers, 50 civilians, and five individuals each involving politicians and government-linked companies.

Regarding an incident where 13 shipping containers caught fire in the North Port of Klang, Loke mentioned that investigations were still ongoing. He could not confirm or deny speculations that the incident involved falsely declared goods, pending the completion of the investigation. “If there were indeed false declarations, that is an irresponsible decision, thus we will need to take strict action against the involved parties,” he said.

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