Teacher turned temptress: Former English teacher claims husband encouraged racy photos online

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A former English teacher has been ousted from St Clair High School in Missouri, US, for selling explicit content.

Brianna Coppage, now thriving in the adult content arena, recently bared all on the Fresh and Fit, After Hours podcast, where she delved into her transformation from the classroom to the boudoir. The bombshell dropped as a response to a discussion on relationships and online content production.

One of the panellists stated that guys aren’t going to commit to girls who have an open sexual situation.

“Her actions and status hurt her profession and status.”

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Disagreeing vehemently, Brianna, the former English teacher, now a queen of risqué fame, proudly asserted that she is married.

A probing co-panellist questioned her journey, asking if she had ventured into the realm of explicit content creation before meeting her spouse. Brianna revealed that her husband encouraged her to do it. Pressed further on whether it was done under his authority, she answered unapologetically in the affirmative, reported Daily Star UK.

Not one to shy away from her past, Brianna disclosed her pre-marital days as a dancer and emphasised her honesty about it when she met her husband. The co-host added another layer to the conversation, recounting Brianna’s collegiate days as a dancer and her decision to retire from the stage when love entered the scene. The discussion meandered into the intricacies of polyamory and extracurricular relationships.

Once an English teacher, Brianna’s fame has soared since her controversial career pivot. Now engaging in personalised Christmas shoutouts for US$60 (2,000 baht), she has harnessed her online stardom with a recent post on X, formerly Twitter, gaining over 112,000 views. Brianna’s legion of followers has swelled to a staggering 137,000, cementing her status as an internet sensation.

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