Uzbek consul general discusses trade and tourism potential with Phuket governor

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Fakhriddin Sultanov, the Consul General of the Republic of Uzbekistan, made a courtesy visit to the Governor of Phuket, Sophon Suwannarat, yesterday, December 14.

The visit marked a momentous occasion for Sultanov as it was his 36th trip to the popular Thai island. The delegation was warmly greeted, and the meeting was aimed at discussing potential cooperation between Phuket and Uzbekistan, particularly in the sectors of trade, investment, and tourism.

Sultanov, having lived in Thailand for several years, developed a deep appreciation for the country and its culture. His family also resides in Thailand, further deepening his ties to the nation. He mentioned his past experience in the aviation industry and acknowledged the significance of tourism and economic development.

Despite the geographical distance, Sultanov noted similarities between Uzbekistan and Thailand, particularly in terms of lifestyle and cultural practices. He highlighted the industriousness of Thai people and the cultural parallels like the routine of waking up early.

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The Consul General underscored the potential of developing tourism between Phuket and Uzbekistan. He expressed his intent to exchange views on various matters, including guidelines for promoting tourism and emphasising soft power. He acknowledged that Thai tourism delivers a positive experience for Uzbek tourists, making them feel valued. He also noted the potential for historical and religious tourism, given Uzbekistan’s historical connections to Buddhism and Christianity.

The Uzbek Consul General also acknowledged Thailand as a significant business partner for Uzbekistan in Southeast Asia. In particular, he expressed admiration for Thai products and services, highlighting tropical fruits such as pineapples, which hold a special place in Uzbek celebrations, reported Phuket News.

One of the key plans outlined by Sultanov was to initiate direct flights to Phuket and strengthen the sister city relationship between Phuket and Samarkand, a city in southeastern Uzbekistan. Though Tashkent is the capital of Uzbekistan, Samarkand holds historical importance as one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in Central Asia, known for its location on the ancient Silk Road.

Sultanov mentioned the increasing number of Uzbek tourists travelling to Phuket and expressed optimism for the future, foreseeing increased opportunities for bilateral visits, promotion of relations, and further consular missions.

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