Snot on: Chinese woman’s nose-picking habit blossoms from sinusitis into fungus fiasco

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A woman from Sichuan Province, China, who had been suffering from sinusitis for seven years due to her habit of picking her nose, was shocked to discover she had more than 10 pieces of fungus growing in her sinuses. The situation, which may seem like a typical health risk, took an unexpected turn, highlighting the dangers of a seemingly harmless act.

The woman from Chengdu had been dealing with sinusitis due to her tendency to pick her nose. As her condition worsened over six or seven years, she also began experiencing headaches. Even though she had undergone an MRI scan revealing abnormalities in her sinuses, she never gathered the courage for surgery and left it untreated. However, this year her sinusitis not only intensified, but severe headaches also accompanied it. This forced her to revisit the hospital, where doctors were surprised to find more than 10 pieces of fungus in her sinuses and immediately recommended surgery.

After a while, she was discharged from the hospital, but a lengthy recovery period awaited her. She had to stuff her nostrils with gauze and could only breathe through her mouth.

Doctor Wu Chaoqun, director of the Otorhinolaryngology Clinic, previously warned against picking the nose. He mentioned a 70 year old female doctor who picked her nose, allowing bacteria to reach her sinuses along the nasal septum. She was diagnosed with “sinus group syndrome” via a CT scan. In addition to her nasal problems, her face was swollen, and over half of her vision was impaired, reported KhaoSod.

Regarding the method of flushing out foreign objects from the nose, Dr Wu explained that too much dryness in the nasal cavity can cause impurities to stick, and the following secretions will continue to accumulate.

Normally, you can use steam in a basin to soften the mucus and then rinse it, or use a gauze-wrapped stick soaked in warm salt water to gently scrub and remove it. The best method is to use a dedicated nasal irrigation solution.

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