Singapore couple grossed out after finding worm on sashimi at Japanese chain restaurant

A Singapore couple says they are grossed out after finding a live worm wriggling around on their sashimi at a popular Japanese restaurant chain.

The woman, Jayice Tan, says they were happily seated and had received their sashimi when they realised something wasn’t right.

Horrified, she posted the video of the wriggling worm on Facebook last Wednesday to advise others to check their food before consuming it.

“Do open your eyes big before you put food into your mouth, you never know what goes in [sic],” she warned.”

According to AsiaOne, she said the couple had visited Don Don Donkis 100am Mall outlet on the same day, where they shared kaisen don.

When they were almost finished with their food, they noticed the worm. They continued to look at the food and realised the object on the food was alive and moving.

“We were so astounded! What’s worse is that we’ve both eaten and [almost finished our food].”

Tan says it was the first time they had encountered a parasitic worm in their food and said that they both hoped their health would not suffer seriously after this encounter.

As their Facebook post was widely circulated, many netizens pointed out that raw food will always feature parasites, while others said they should understand the risks when eating raw food.

AsiaOne reportedly reached out to the Japanese chain restaurant after the incident. Don Don Donki replied by saying that parasites naturally thrive in aquatic environments, and it is “not uncommon to find these in wild-caught fresh fishes and seafood.”

It went on to say that proper cold chain management is maintained and that it performs visual checks throughout the handling process at the supermarket.

However, the restaurant says they cannot remove parasites entirely as they can be deeply embedded in the flesh of the fish.

Below, you can view the video posted by Tan on Facebook of the worm crawling around on her sashimi.


Singapore couple grossed out after finding worm on sashimi at Japanese chain restaurant | News by Thaiger

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