Shocking discovery of infidelity after 16 years shakes Chinese family

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A Chinese man, Chen, discovered his wife’s infidelity after 16 years of marriage, resulting in a shocking revelation. Chen found out that his three daughters were not biologically his. He decided to publicly reveal this through a local television station.

Chen reported that on the upcoming date of December 28, a civil court in Jiangxi will hear the civil case between him, his ex-wife, and a third party. Despite being the plaintiff, Chen sees this case as a personal trial, acknowledging that he has brought shame to his parents. He stated that despite past hardships, he worked hard to provide for his children and family, which was his greatest joy. However, these once beautiful memories have now turned into a grand illusion.

Chen added that there would be a disclosure of significant evidence following the trial, without specifying what it would be. Earlier in August this year, he instructed a Beijing lawyer to represent him in his case, which includes civil litigation between him, his wife, and a third party. He declared his intention to attend the court proceedings but remains uncertain of the biological father of the three children, reported Sanook.

Chen’s 80 year old father and his 74 year old mother were deeply shocked after the family conflict erupted following Chen’s discovery that the three children were not his. His ex-wife further instigated the situation by shouting at their home, causing distress to his parents. Since then, his father has been showing signs of chronic stress.

Since the truth came out last year, his daughters were sent to the home of his wife’s parents and he has not seen them since. It is still unclear who their biological father is. Chen admits that this problem has consumed him and he has been unable to overcome it. Thus, he decided to resort to legal measures to protect his rights and interests. He also hopes that the biological father will take responsibility for his actions.

When asked about the “significant evidence” he referred to, Chen stated that the contents could not be disclosed to the public until the trial. After the case is settled, he plans to try and start a new life.

In a previous interview with local media, Chen expressed his hatred for his ex-wife, who had been unfaithful for 16 years. He said, “I wanted to tear her apart piece by piece. There is hatred between her and me. I will never forgive her”.

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