Popular food blogger’s 11 million baht Ho Chi Minh penthouse plagued with water leaks and cracks

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After investing over 11 million baht (US$304,321) in a high-end penthouse in Ho Chi Minh City, 30 year old food blogger and YouTuber Đặng Anh Vũ from Hanoi faced unexpected issues with his new abode. Despite meticulous planning and attention to every detail, Vũ experienced severe problems with water leakage and cracked walls after only two years of residence.

Vũ had moved to the city a few years before starting a business and eventually decided to purchase the 246-square-metre, two-story penthouse. The home was located in a beautiful part of the city, and Vũ put immense effort into designing and selecting materials for his first house.

Every tile, every piece of wood, and every curtain were chosen with care to create a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing living space.

However, despite his best efforts to make everything perfect, Vũ struggled with certain aspects, with the floor layout being a significant problem. Due to miscalculations in proportions, the floor had to be redesigned, causing significant delays and requiring furniture to be moved around.

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Despite these hitches, the home was eventually completed, garnering much admiration for its design and finishing, reported Sanook.

Designed as a smart home and furnished with modern pieces, the house emphasised the beauty of raw materials. It radiated a simple, warm, and relaxed feel, with neutral tones like earth tones, beige, white, and cement grey.

Asian energy

The polished concrete floors and the curved staircase, a personal favourite of Vũ’s, gave the house an Asian feel and facilitated a smooth flow of energy.

However, after two years of living in the meticulously designed penthouse, Vũ had to deal with severe water leakage during the rainy season. The problem had not been apparent in 2021, as that year’s rainfall had been relatively light.

Recently, however, he identified the source of the leak as the gaps around the largest window in the house. After consulting with investors and the building management, Vũ arranged for repairs.

In addition to the water leakage, Vũ noticed cracks in the walls. The house, located on the top floor of the apartment project, was more susceptible to shaking, leading to the formation of cracks.

These issues may have been caused by Vũ’s use of unfired bricks in the construction. When the building shook, the cracks appeared.

Vũ advises others to pay close attention when choosing materials for their homes, especially those residing on the upper floors. After his experience, he recommends being cautious when considering the use of unfired bricks for walls and floors.

He has now repaired his penthouse, but it required significant time and money. His advice to homeowners is to be thorough in selecting materials and furniture to ensure a safe and comfortable living space.

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