Anwar Ibrahim mingles with crowd at Balik Pulau Night Market

In Balik Pulau, Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim made his first visit to the local night market since taking office on November 24 last year. The Prime Minister spent around 30 minutes mingling with visitors and vendors, posing for photographs, and even fanning satay over a charcoal fire. He also took the opportunity to sample some local delicacies, including Balik Pulau durians.

Accompanying Anwar were Balik Pulau Member of Parliament Muhammad Bakhtiar Wan Chi, Batu Maung assemblyman Abdul Halim Hussain, and several local leaders. The visit was met with excitement from local residents who have been long-time supporters of Anwar and his political journey.

Anwar Yaakob, a 63-year-old resident of Balik Pulau, expressed his delight at finally meeting the Prime Minister in person, stating that he had been a fan of Anwar for 25 years. He had no idea that Anwar would be visiting Balik Pulau and only found out when a friend informed him of the Prime Minister’s presence.

“I didn’t want to miss the chance to see my idol, I have been interested in his steadfast struggle from the time he was young up till now,” he said when met here today.

Another resident, Mohd Faisol Hassan, 57, said he had also been following Anwar’s political development until today. “I am from Sungai Rusa here but I have moved to work in Kedah… I took a day off today to meet the prime minister in Balik Pulau and take a photograph with him,” he said.

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