Penang achieves 47% progress in 5 years towards 2030 Vision goals

Penang has made significant progress in its five-year plan after launching the Penang 2030 Vision, with 47% of the 210 projects and programmes implemented. Chief Minister Chow Kon Yeow stated that the state government would continue to work towards making the Penang 2030 Vision a reality, with a focus on digital transformation, resilience, efficient data usage, and meeting the needs of the people.

The Penang 2030 Vision, launched on August 29, 2018, is a development master plan consisting of four main themes that involve the people of Penang. These themes include increasing liveability, upgrading the economy, empowering the people, and investing in the physical environment.

Chow, who also represents Batu Kawan in Parliament, explained that the themes encompass various aspects such as affordable housing, welfare aid, increasing household income, community participation, infrastructure, and spatial planning. The state government is committed to continuing its strategy to achieve the Penang 2030 Vision in the remaining seven years.

“I am very confident that the state leadership will be able to do it, as was proven in the previous challenge of combating the Covid-19 pandemic with the support of all parties,” Chow said.

In the past five years, Penang has focused on building an administration with integrity, prioritising people’s welfare, providing infrastructure, and creating an ecosystem chain. The state is now driving digitalisation technology and smart city initiatives based on the development of human resources, aiming to make Penang a distinguished and prosperous state.

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