One Thai national confirmed among those dead in Halloween stampede

PHOTO: One Thai death confirmed at the Halloween stampede in Korea. (via Twitter janelles_story / Facebook)

Less than one hour ago, the Royal Thai Embassy in Seoul posted a notification on Facebook confirming that one Thai person died during the Halloween stampede in Seoul Korea last night. The Thaiger’s full coverage of the tragedy can be seen here.

The Thai Embassy reported that they are in the process of coordinating with the authorities in South Korea. They’re working to ascertain more details about the Thai national who died, with little known so far. They will contact the family of the person who lost their lives in the Halloween stampede and assist in arrangements for repatriating the body.

In their statement on Facebook, the embassy reported 82 injuries and 151 deaths in the stampede that took place in the Itaewon district of Korea’s capital city during a huge Halloween celebration. The narrow roads of the district were quickly overwhelmed by partygoers eager to celebrate Halloween for the first time since the Covid-19 pandemic.

The embassy reports that the stampede first broke out near the Hamilton Hotel as crowds decked out in Halloween costumes became too densely packed and began to push and gasp for air.

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The Royal Thai Embassy in Seoul recommended that people travelling in South Korea exercise caution and avoid large crowds that could spiral out of control as seen during this Halloween stampede incident. The Facebook post urged any Thai person in trouble in Korea to contact the embassy on the emergency phone number 010-6747-0095 or 010-3099-2955.

Any friend or relative who still has not accounted for any missing person from Thailand that may have been in the busy crowds of the Halloween party last night is encouraged to contact official channels within South Korea.

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