Nose-picking proves ‘snot’ a joke: China man’s shocking health ordeal

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Constant nose-picking proved harmful to health, as revealed by the shocking case of a 33 year old man from China.

The Chinese man, Zeng, is a habitual nose picker. This caused his face to swell to the point where he couldn’t open his eyes. The swelling started with a minor inflammation of the nose and rosy cheeks on the morning of September 14. What seemed initially as mere tonsillitis, soon escalated, leading to severe swelling, pain, and peeling skin.

Zeng’s alarming nose-picking condition forced him to seek immediate medical aid at a hospital. Medical professionals diagnosed him with a severe form of erysipelas, a bacterial skin infection that can lead to dangerous complications if left untreated.

The infection, often referred to as “丹毒 ตานตู๋” in traditional Chinese medicine, affects the dermis layer of the skin, the lymphatic vessels, or the subcutaneous tissues. It can result in a rash, redness, and swelling, and in severe cases, it can infect the muscles and even enter the bloodstream.

Zeng’s long-standing habit of nose-picking had severely damaged his nasal linings, leading to open wounds. Coupled with high blood pressure and constipation, his body was unable to eliminate toxins, leading to the sudden infection.

After seven days of intensive treatment combining Western and traditional Chinese medicine, Zeng’s swelling subsided, leaving only a red mark on his face. He continues to receive light therapy treatment, reported KhaoSod.

A woman from Sichuan Province, China, who had been battling sinusitis for seven years due to her nose-picking habit, was stunned to find over 10 fungal growths in her sinuses. Dr Wu Chaoqun, who heads the Otorhinolaryngology Clinic, had issued a prior caution about the risks of nose-picking.

He cited the case of a 70 year old female doctor who engaged in this nose-picking habit, inadvertently introducing bacteria into her sinuses along the nasal septum. Along with nasal issues, her face swelled, and she experienced significant vision impairment. Read more HERE.

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