Mother’s harsh reaction to daughter’s homemade meal sparks outrage online

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A 14 year old Chinese girl‘s heartfelt attempt to prepare a meal for her returning mother was met with criticism, sparking an outcry from netizens. The girl’s mother posted a video online chastising her for preparing too much food, drawing a backlash from the online community.

The incident occurred when the young girl decided to cook a meal while her mother was out shopping, with the intention that her mother could eat immediately upon returning home. The netizens unanimously agreed that if they were in the mother’s place, they would be touched to find a table full of food prepared by their daughter, a scenario many described as a “dream daughter” and a “dream meal.” However, the mother in the video did not share this sentiment.

Upon returning home, she looked at the food on the table with furrowed brows, expressing her displeasure at her daughter’s inability to calculate the quantity of food required. She pointed out that there were only two people in the house, and the amount of food cooked was excessive, leading to unavoidable leftovers, reported Sanook.

“Cooking this much food for just the two of us, should I still compliment you? Let’s see how much we can eat!” The mother criticised, leaving her daughter perplexed and regretful.

The reaction of the mother left the netizens who watched the clip baffled. They were unsure how the mother usually treated outsiders but felt that she didn’t need to be so harsh and trample on her daughter’s good intentions. Some of the comments included:

“Look, the girl even prepared fruits for this woman, but in the end, she couldn’t enjoy the meal. I don’t know how she can find happiness in such a situation.”

“Instead of saying something like that, you could commend your child for being capable and resourceful, preparing such a delicious meal, and then explain to her that since it’s just the two of you, this amount of food is a bit too much. This time you can save it for dinner, but next time, please be more considerate.”

“Hearing such criticism, if I were the girl in the clip, I would flip the whole table. Eat it or don’t!”

“The small girl was criticised until she turned pale. But she still doesn’t understand why she was criticised like that, because she has such an unreasonable mother!”

“If you have a child who can’t cook and do housework, you might scold them. But if your child cooks and it looks delicious like that, will you really scold your child?”

“Honestly, living with a real mother like this is more painful than living with a stepmother! Always looking at the child’s shortcomings, without seeing their efforts or acknowledging their achievements.”

“Don’t blame the child if she becomes weak or rebellious when she grows up. Most of the time, it’s because of the parenting style of such bad-tempered parents! I really wonder how she was able to calmly record her daughter’s clip, while her child was feeling sorry for herself?”

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