MCA chief accused of power play in Johor Baru division nominations

A Johor Baru MCA division chief candidate has expressed disappointment with party president Wee Ka Siong, accusing him of being power-hungry and manipulating the nomination of the division’s top posts. Ang Boon Heng, the current deputy chief of the Johor Baru MCA division, claimed that irregularities occurred during the division’s nominations earlier this month, leading to predetermined results.

Ang stated that Wee had initially agreed to relinquish his position as the party’s Johor Baru division chief to him. However, on June 1, Bong Seng Heng, the incumbent Johor Baru MCA division Youth chief and Wee’s cousin, announced his candidacy for the division chief post. Ang believes that this nomination came directly from Wee’s instructions.

Ang, who also serves as the MCA national legal bureau head, said that this development indicates that Wee does not want to give up the division’s top post. Ang is uncertain why the previous agreement with Wee was not honoured but disagrees with the recent developments leading to another candidate contesting the party’s Johor Baru division’s top post.

“Wee’s actions also show his refusal to give up his influence at the divisional level, while he is busy at the party’s national leadership,” said Ang during a media conference at his office in Taman Sentosa.

Ang also revealed that Wee had proposed several options for him, including running for the Johor Baru division’s deputy chief, continuing to support Wee’s leadership as the division’s chief, or contesting for office at the national level. Ang rejected all three options, stating that he wanted to continue serving at the division level but on a larger platform as the division chief.

“I have been serving as an MCA member in this division for a very long time since I was in my youth. I rose in the division’s ranks until I helmed the deputy chief position,” he said, adding that he was confident that he would be able to provide the best service to all party members and supporters if he wins.

Ang’s public criticism of Wee follows similar sentiments expressed by other MCA leaders. Last year, former Johor MCA leader Tee Siew Kiong resigned from the party due to unresolved differences with Wee and his leadership. Tee was joined by former Ledang MCA division chief Goh Tee Tee in criticising Wee. Both Tee and Goh were already suspended before they decided to quit rather than challenge their punishment, which they deemed excessive and unfair.

A total of 344 MCA Johor Baru division delegates will elect their office bearers on June 11.

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