Maryland man finds his lucky number and wins the lottery three times with it

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A Maryland man strikes lottery luck with the same numbers multiple times, claiming his third major prize in just under a year. The 52 year old man managed to win three separate lotteries using the same numbers in each game. The Maryland Lottery confirmed that the man recently collected his third prize of US$50,000, having won the same amount twice before in the past 11 months. The lucky winner plans to use his winnings to take his wife on a relaxing getaway, Sanook reported.

Previously, the fortunate individual had secured two separate US$50,000 prizes, equivalent to around £36,000 each, in May 2021, totalling US$100,000 (approximately £72,000). Most recently, on April 13, he won another US$50,000, making his overall takings US$150,000, which equates to approximately £108,000.

What’s more intriguing is that for all three victories in the Pick 5 game, the winner chose to gamble with the same set of numbers of 48548 every time.

The lucky man revealed…

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“These numbers had won a prize last year, and they have won again this time. My wife said, ‘Let’s play these numbers,’ and we won again.”

Additionally, he informed lottery officials that he plans to continue playing lottery games, regardless of how many times he has already won.

“I have always played the lottery; you can’t win if you don’t put a wager on it.”

According to reports, the odds of winning the Pick 5 game from the Maryland Lottery are just 1 in 100,000. As stated on the lottery’s website, players must choose the correct sequence of numbers to claim the US$50,000 prize, equivalent to around £36,000. If they choose the right numbers but not the precise order, the prize money drops to US$10,000, which is approximately £7,200.

It is not every day that a player manages to win a significant lottery prize in such a short period, let alone do so multiple times using the same set of numbers. This Maryland man’s tale can serve as a reminder that sometimes, persistence and faith in one’s favourite numbers may indeed pay off handsomely.

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