Man accused of murdering Met sergeant shot at close range, jury hears

Sergeant Matt Ratana was fatally shot in the chest at close range by Louis de Zoysa, 25 years old, at Croydon police station, according to the prosecution at Northampton Crown Court. De Zoysa had been arrested and searched on September 25, 2020, and was found in possession of cannabis and seven rounds of ammunition. However, officers failed to detect a loaded revolver concealed in a holster under one of his armpits.

De Zoysa was taken to the police station and placed in a holding room, where he allegedly managed to point the gun at Sergeant Ratana while still handcuffed. The prosecution claims that three more shots were fired during a struggle with officers, with the second shot being a deliberate attempt to hit Sergeant Ratana again. The fourth shot resulted in severe, life-threatening injuries to de Zoysa.

The court has heard that de Zoysa sustained brain damage, causing him to rely on a wheelchair and face significant communication difficulties. As a result, he will communicate by writing on a whiteboard and requires an intermediary in the dock to help him follow the trial.

The trial has also revealed that de Zoysa allegedly purchased the antique revolver online and manufactured the ammunition at a farm in Surrey where he resided. De Zoysa denies the murder charge, and the trial is ongoing.

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