Malaysian garage owner uses forklift on cars blocking his shop (video)

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A Malaysian garage owner took a stand against inconsiderate drivers who persistently parked their vehicles, blocking his property, leading to a viral sensation. Fed up with the obstruction caused by visitors during the Thaipusam festival, he resorted to using a forklift to move the offending vehicles.

During the approach to the Thaipusam festival, a surge in visitors to the Batu Caves, a revered Hindu shrine and a popular tourist attraction in Malaysia, led to parking chaos in the surrounding areas. Hassan, the garage owner, faced the brunt of this problem as tourists and worshippers often left their cars blocking the entrance to his workshop, preventing him from conducting business.

With no other option, he instructed his workers to use a forklift to move these vehicles to the roadside, clearing the way for his customers, Hassan said, warning that any damage incurred during the process should not be blamed on him.

“The responsibility lies with those who choose to park selfishly without any consideration.”

“Participating in the procession is fine, but don’t create problems for others. You want to go to Batu Caves? Go ahead, but don’t park in front of my garage. I need to open up to earn a living.”

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The video capturing this act of retribution quickly spread online, garnering significant attention. The majority of netizens applauded the garage owner’s method of dealing with the problem, expressing support for his actions. Several commenters mentioned they would consider adopting a similar approach, while others were eager to see the reactions of the car owners upon discovering their vehicles had been moved, reported Sanook.

In related news, a major lesson was learnt when a car illegally parked on the pavement faced the wrath of a disgruntled pedestrian.

In an unexpected move, the man chose to walk over the vehicle, damaging it and subsequently reporting the driver for causing him injury. The occurrence resulted in both parties filing complaints and the car owner facing a fine for his illegal parking.

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