Japan braces for severe earthquakes, warns meteorological agency

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The Japan Meteorological Agency warned of potential severe earthquakes in the country’s central region in the forthcoming week. The agency revealed this forecast in a press conference yesterday, January 1, following an earthquake that registered a preliminary magnitude of 7.6 on the country’s seven-tier scale. The quake was detected off Japan’s coastline on yesterday afternoon, accompanied by warnings of a substantial tsunami in Ishikawa Prefecture.

Ishikawa Prefecture observed a tsunami wave as high as 1.2 metres following several earthquakes along Japan’s western coastline. The agency urged residents to stay alert for possible severe earthquakes.

In related news, South Korea grapples with an unexpected tsunami crisis, surpassing projections with a 67-centimetre wave height, as reported by the Korean Meteorological Administration (KMA). The east coast, particularly Kangneung City and Donghae City in Gangwon province, experiences waves exceeding initial estimates, posing potential dangers to coastal regions. The KMA underscores the unpredictability, cautioning that the tsunami’s impact depends on the rise and flow of the current, with a potential duration of over 24 hours in Gangwon province.

In response to the escalating threat, authorities in Gangwon province swiftly issue tsunami warnings, urging residents in six coastal cities and districts to evacuate to higher ground for their safety. The urgency reflects the seriousness of the situation, emphasising the need for proactive measures to mitigate potential risks.

Simultaneously, North Korea responds to seismic activity, triggered by a 7.6 magnitude earthquake in Japan, issuing its tsunami warning for the east coast. The Yonhap news agency, citing data from North Korean radio, reports a potential wave height of up to 2.08 metres, heightening concerns for the region’s coastal areas.

The situation remains fluid and dynamic, requiring constant monitoring and readiness from both South and North Korea as they navigate the evolving threat of tsunamis triggered by seismic events in the region. Please stay tuned for updates and follow official guidance to ensure the safety of affected communities.

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