PM Srettha extends new year wishes, discusses govt’s plans

Photo courtesy of เศรษฐา ทวีสิน - Srettha Thavisin (Facebook)

On the advent of the new year, Thailand Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin, in company with Supreme Patriarch and House Speaker and Parliament President Wan Muhamad Noor Matha, extended heartfelt wishes to the nation and its inhabitants.

PM Srettha started his year with a visit to Wat Ratchabophit, accompanied by his wife, Pakpilai Thavisin. They expressed their reverence to the Supreme Patriarch in a special New Year merit-making ceremony. The 61 year old PM then shared the Supreme Patriarch‘s New Year blessing with the people, wishing everyone a prosperous new year.

The Supreme Patriarch also discussed with PM Srettha the major challenges the government was tackling and its strategies for resolution.

The Bangkok-born prime minister assured that the government will persistently enhance the protection of the nation’s three core institutions – the nation, religion, and monarchy. Concurrently, it will implement diverse policies aimed at elevating the living standards of all Thai citizens.

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He further added that the government’s focus will not only be on economic development but also on fundamental rights and liberties, air quality, job opportunities, and gender equality, reported Bangkok Post.

When questioned about the potential challenges for the government in the upcoming year, PM Srettha responded that the government will strive as hard as it did in the previous year. He expressed his faith in the coalition members who he believes worked to the best of their abilities last year and will continue to do so.

Prosperous new year

Sharing his new year wishes on his official X account, PM Srettha conveyed his hope for everyone to have a refreshing and joyful beginning to 2024. He believes genuine happiness stems from improved living conditions, public safety, healthcare coverage, education opportunities for children, and equality.

“The government is committed to making all this happen as soon as possible, I hope 2024 will be a successful, progressive and secure year for all Thais. Happy New Year 2024!”

On the other hand, Wan Muhamad, as the Parliament President and House Speaker, pledged his commitment to ensuring that the parliament continues to serve all people in the country effectively and equitably.

“Parliament is responsible for maintaining and protecting democracy and supporting Thailand to move forward in its continuous development of democracy, in the best interests of all Thais,” he said.

He also encouraged all voters to keep an eye on how their representatives work on their behalf in parliament, where issues are typically resolved through debate, a method for reaching a consensus.

In related news, the Thai government unveils a minimum wage hike for 2024.

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