I-95 highway collapse disrupts US East Coast traffic, delays repairs

A major highway collapse has led to severe traffic congestion, potentially affecting transportation throughout the eastern United States. On Monday, commuters faced lengthy delays after a tanker truck caught fire and damaged a section of the I-95 Interstate in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, causing temporary closure of one of the busiest routes in the area.

Jana Tidwell, a spokesperson for the American Automobile Association (AAA), commented on the situation, “This is really going to have a ripple effect throughout the region.” Officials have estimated that it may take several months to repair the collapsed section of I-95, which occurred on Sunday morning. Local news station 6abc Action News Philadelphia displayed a traffic map showing gridlocked traffic in some areas.

The I-95 Interstate serves as the primary north-south highway on the East Coast, stretching from Miami, Florida, to the Canadian border in Maine. Approximately 160,000 vehicles utilise the currently closed section of the highway daily. Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro has encouraged residents to find alternate routes, use public transportation, or work remotely if possible. The Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority announced that it has increased capacity to accommodate additional commuters in the region.

Governor Shapiro stated his intention to declare a disaster on Monday, which would make federal funds available for repair work. US Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg confirmed that federal authorities are collaborating with state officials to address the issue. Buttigieg acknowledged the severity of the situation, saying, “This is going to be a major disruption in that region,” and added that the timeline for repairs is “definitely not days.”

He also mentioned that supply chains could be impacted by the highway collapse. While no deaths or injuries have been reported, local media cited anonymous sources claiming that unidentified human remains were discovered in the debris. The tanker truck driver, Nathaniel Moody, has not been located.

Governor Shapiro described the scene at the highway collapse as one of “just remarkable devastation” and expressed gratitude that no motorists on I-95 were injured or killed during the incident.

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