Net idol’s risqué reveal: Alice Wong spills all on adult film venture

Picture by Alice Wong

Net idol Alice Wong opened up in a candid TV interview on her recent journey into the world of adult films. The sexy 22 year old’s courage to talk candidly about her tumultuous past in a Hong Kong show, Love Talk, resonated with many.

The mixed-race beauty from Hong Kong and Malaysia faced a challenging childhood characterised by domestic violence and lacking family love. Wong revealed she longed for affection from others but rarely found any.

At the age of 17, her quest for love led to her meeting a man who would become her husband and the father of her child. The relationship, which swiftly ended in divorce, began with the man knowing he was 13 years older but promising to rescue her from a broken home that felt like a nightmare.

Only two months into their relationship, Wong discovered she was pregnant, leading her to marry her then-significant other. Wong was compelled to live in the same house she despised whilst her ex-husband began to cheat on her during her pregnancy. Despite tolerating the physical violence from her real father, with her husband just silently watching, the indifference and violence took a toll on her.

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Difficulties snowballed after the birth of Wong’s child. Pregnancy and nursing had altered her body, and she developed skin infections leading to welts and allergic acne on her backside. She was derided continuously by her husband who expressed disgust for her body and refused to be intimate. Confronted with these mental and physical abuses, Wong slipped into depression, and on several occasions considered suicide.

Soon after her ex-husband ceased providing child support and forced Wong to find work. When she got a job in a restaurant, he accused her of being unfaithful with one of her colleagues. The constant bickering made life untenable, and the couple finally divorced, leaving Wong solely in charge of her child’s upbringing.

Today, Wong meticulously maintains her body and has taken up the career of an adult film actress to support her family. She lists three main reasons for her decision: realizing her desires, the lucrative financial rewards that come with it, and a desire to prove her ex-husband wrong.

His bullying and claims that she wasn’t worth anything are now in the past as she thrives, taking pride in her career more than ever. It remains to be seen how long she will remain in the adult film industry but she admits she is now happier than ever.

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