South Korean woman’s humorous review of Thai sanitary pad goes viral

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A humorous review of a Thai sanitary pad brand by a South Korean woman has gone viral, with her amusing descriptions of the product’s cooling effect sparking widespread online chatter. Her engaging and quirky content has attracted a tremendous amount of attention on Twitter, being retweeted over 40,500 times and liked more than 23,400 times.

The South Korean woman’s post skilfully combined pictures of the sanitary pad with colourful metaphors to express her sensation upon using the product.

She described the icy touch as akin to “consuming a mint chocolate on your lower body.”

This priceless comment immediately grabbed the attention of netizens, causing a collective laugh online. She wrote, incorporating a comical image of a cartoon figure seemingly frozen from the waist down…

“Unbelievable! It’s a downright devilish product. My lower body turned into an icy wonderland. It’s far beyond the regular cooling sensation, and now I am numb down there. I feel like my lower body is enjoying a bar of mint chocolate. This is crazy!”

In a subsequent tweet, she confirmed that her post was not promotional, just a genuine reaction to her experience with the product during a trip to Thailand with friends. She also took the opportunity to compliment the takoyaki sold in Thai convenience stores, indicating her enjoyment of Thai culture and cuisine.

Her tweet caused an uproar among Thai social media users who rushed to comment on her post, recommending sanitary pads they thought had a more moderate cooling effect. Others agreed with her sentiment, revealing that they had tried the product once but found the cooling sensation too intense and decided to switch to different alternatives.

The incident once again demonstrates the power of social media in shaping consumer opinions and spreading word-of-mouth impressions quickly and widely. With her original and engaging review, the Korean woman inadvertently publicised the Thai sanitary pad brand in question, potentially influencing buying choices in her home country due to the increased attention. However, whether the attention translates to product sales remains to be seen.

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