2 fake cops taser and rob victim in western Thailand

Photo via Facebook/ โจโฉ

Two fake police cops remain at large after they tasered a Thai man, stole his pickup, mobile phone, and 3,000 in stolen cash from the victim in western Thailand.

A picture of a shirtless man surrounded by police officers was shared on social media with a caption warning netizens to beware of the fake police officers in question. The victim in the picture lost his pickup, cash, and mobile phone to the fake cops. The picture was captured when he sought help from real police officers.

The man, 25 year old Jeerawat Chamnarnvate, later gave an interview with Channel 3 about his distressing experience on July 24. Before starting the story, he showed reporters evidence of his injuries.

Jeerawat told reporters that he is a soymilk seller at a market in the central province of Kanchanaburi. When he was returning home from work in his white Toyota Revo pickup, he stumbled upon what seemed like an accident scene with an overturned motorcycle and a parked sedan obstructing the road.

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Jeerawat slowed down to check on the situation and to offer assistance while two men in police uniforms walked to his vehicle. Jeerawat then lowered the window to talk with them. Without warning, one of the fake cops brandished a taser and attacked him.

The fake officers pulled him out of the car and repeatedly tasered him. The two then tied his arms and legs before throwing him into the back of the pickup, loading the motorcycle onto the pickup, and leaving the scene.

Jeerawat leapt from the vehicle while they waited for the traffic lights to change and sought help from a local grocery store nearby. The fake police then fled the scene in his pickup.

The victim filed a complaint at Tha Ruea Police Station immediately. Officers tried to track them down, but the thieves had removed the GPS.

Some police officers later found the thieves on the road where they engaged in a high-speed chase before the fake cops managed to evade capture.

Officers are now searching for the two fake cops.

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