Heartbreak as woman receives one-word response to breakup text

A Chinese woman experienced a heartbreaking end to her four-year relationship, as she was forced to break up with her boyfriend due to her parents’ disapproval. The woman, Xiao Su, spent an hour composing a nearly 300-word message to end the relationship, only to receive a one-word response: Agreed.

Love is regarded as one of the most beautiful emotions in life, packed with variables. Experts in emotions suggest that feelings change over time and with changing circumstances. Unaligned values and personality differences between men and women can cause these changes. When feelings change, breaking up might be the best solution.

The story of Su’s heartbreaking separation was shared on the Sohu website. The pair, coming from different cities, had been together for four years without any significant disagreements, working in the same city of Nanjing. Her family was relatively affluent, and she was an only child, whereas her boyfriend’s family was considerably less well-off. This disparity led her parents to consistently object to their relationship.

After much deliberation, Su decided to end things via a message on WeChat. She imagined her boyfriend would strive to hold on to their bond. However, he surprised her by simply responding with “Agreed,” leaving her heartbroken and no further response, no matter how long she waited.

In a video clip that Su posted, she revealed her feelings.

“We loved each other for four years, and we still have feelings for each other. I spent more than an hour writing a long article about our breakup, but he responded with just one word. How could it not hurt? I feel like this relationship was not worth it. He’s too cruel.”

Despite this, the majority of netizens who commented on the story agreed that the boyfriend’s response was sufficient, reported Sanook.

“You’ve broken up with him, and yet you’re still concerned that his response was too brief, and you think he’s unfeeling. What kind of logic is that?”

Another pointed out that the one who initiates the breakup should be the one accused of being unfeeling.

“You have no reason to criticise the other party.”

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