Fatal shootout in Thailand: Local figures clash in a community dispute

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Two notorious figures in the southern Thailand community clashed in the heart of the community, resulting in a fatal shootout. The incident took place at 10.30am today when the two men, Thew Wang Sai and Thian Kamlon, were unable to settle their differences. Police swiftly apprehended the suspect.

The incident occurred on a busy street in the community. The body of 33 year old Worawut, known as Thew Wang Sai, was found prone on a motorcycle. He had suffered four to five gunshot wounds to the face, and a.38 calibre bullet was found at the scene.

Pakphol Deejeuy, Deputy Investigator of Larnsaka District, Nakhon Si Thammarat Province, stated that Thew Wang Sai was a well-known figure in the area. Before the incident, he had been heading to his farm on the mountain when he encountered Thian Kamlon, with whom he had previous issues. Their attempt to resolve their differences resulted in a violent confrontation in front of 10 witnesses.

Bunthueng, a 57 year old father of the deceased, admitted he was unaware of the cause of the dispute but acknowledged his son had several issues. His son had previously faced attempted murder charges, for which he had paid 300,000 baht (US$ 8,753) in bail, reported KhaoSod.

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The police have already arrested the suspect and have asked him to cooperate with their investigation. Bunthueng expressed his grief over his son’s death and handed over the matter to the police to proceed according to the law.

Thew Wang Sai was well-known among the youth of the area. He often resolved disputes among the younger generation, earning their respect. He had several cases pending against him, including an attempted murder case two months before the incident, which was still under investigation. He also had a firearms case where he was caught with two guns.

Self defence

Additional reports indicate that Praphas Srisangcharn, the head of Larnsaka Police Station, met with the father of the suspect, Thian Kamlon, who was identified by witnesses as the perpetrator. The police successfully apprehended Kamlon less than an hour after the incident.

At 1pm, Somchai Suetratorn, the Chief of Nakhon Si Thammarat Provincial Police, personally interrogated Thian Kamlon or Lukthian. The suspect confessed to the crime and claimed he acted in self-defence when the deceased threatened him with a knife.

Thian Kamlon claimed he had long-standing issues with Thew Wang Sai, who regularly fired a gun outside his house, causing distress. This had happened four to five times, leading to the confrontation.

Thian Kamlon is also a prominent figure in the community, known for always carrying a gun. He and Thew Wang Sai, another local figure, ultimately clashed, leading to the fatal shootout.

The police have charged Thian Kamlon with murder and firearm offences and handed him over to the investigating officer to proceed with the case.

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