Funeral firm offers custom coffins to break death taboo

A funeral company, Go As You Please, is aiming to change the way people perceive death by offering custom-made coffins, including a casket designed to resemble a Greggs sausage roll. The firm believes that no idea is off limits in an effort to make a challenging day more bearable. Suggested designs include the Doctor Who Tardis, a pint of Tennent’s Lager, and a bottle of Bell’s whisky, as well as themes from Star Wars, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Harry Potter, and Only Fools and Horses. The company, which has branches in the north-east of England and Edinburgh, Scotland, tailors the coffins to each customer’s individual needs.

Scott Purvis, general manager at Go As You Please, shared with Sky News that a Dyson box was created for someone who had a history of repairing old vacuum cleaners. Another coffin was made from old pallets as a tribute to a man who used scrap wood to create useful items for his shed.

Purvis explained that most of their coffin designs result from honest conversations with the person while they are still alive. Many individuals now plan their own funerals before they pass away, allowing them to discuss death with their families and break the taboo surrounding the topic. This also enables them to have the exact funeral they desire and alleviate the burden on their family when the time comes.

According to Purvis, the displays in their branch windows serve as conversation starters. He said, “It isn’t out of disrespect but to show the public what can be done and what we can offer.” He added, “When it comes to the bespoke picture coffins, I would say we’re not dealing with novelty, we’re dealing with individuality.”

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The company encourages families to design their own coffins and even participate in their creation. Purvis mentioned that numerous families have created photo montages of family pictures through the years, bringing them together to attach the photos onto the blank coffin.

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