Fake police car chase on Malaysian expressway sparks investigation

Photo via Facebook/Freeman Gan WT

Malaysian authorities initiated an investigation into an expressway car chase involving three men who allegedly posed as police officers. The incident occurred on the North-South Highway near the Sedenak exit in Kulai, Johor, and was widely shared on social media. The suspects are believed to have used blue beacon lights and hand gestures to signal the driver to stop his vehicle.

The driver, who shared the video on Facebook under the account name “Freeman Gan WT,” initially believed the individuals chasing him were genuine police officers due to the flashing blue lights on their vehicle. The encounter occurred around 5.40am in Kulai, as the driver was travelling from Singapore to Genting Highlands with a friend.

He grew suspicious when he noticed the car following him at varying speeds and informed his friend that they might be dealing with “fake police.” He then decided to “race” the vehicle to prevent it from pulling up in front of him. The driver called the police, who advised him not to stop on the highway and to proceed to the nearest police station if the car continued to tail them.

In his Facebook post, the driver reiterated the advice given by the police and emphasised the importance of not stopping along the road should other members of the public encounter similar situations.

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Primarily, drivers pursued by “police” should not pull over on an expressway, but should continue to the nearest police station instead. Additionally, they should call the local police as soon as they are suspicious to ask for advice on their next steps.

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