Elderly Malaysian couple robbed thrice in 20 days, live in fear

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An elderly Malaysian couple was burgled three times in the span of nearly three weeks, with perpetrators getting away with valuables worth around 26,000 Malaysian ringgit (£4,800). The retired pair, 71 year old Chan Liew Chan and her 80 year old husband, Thow Kum Hin, are pleading for police intervention to prevent repeat incidents.

Chan Liew Chan spoke about the latest incident, revealing that two masked men kicked open the door to her ground-floor bedroom and threatened her with a knife. With one man keeping her quiet, the other burgled their home, stealing valuables such as personal documents, ATM cards, credit cards, phones, and laptops. In total, the couple lost items valued at 26,000 Malaysian ringgit in the three incidents that took place on May 2, 11 and 24.

Chan said…

“In the third incident, two men wearing masks kicked open the door of my bedroom, which is on the ground floor. One of them pointed a knife at me and told me to be quiet, while the other ransacked our home.”

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Living in fear, the couple hopes the police will increase patrols in their area. Low Guo Nan, the chief of the Public Service and Complaints Bureau of the Malaysian Chinese Association, has urged residents to be vigilant and not rely too heavily on police assistance. The case raises concerns for the many elderly residents living in the area who may be targeted as future victims, reports Khaosod.

Two weeks ago, in the Uthai district of the Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya province, an opportunistic thief robbed a mother carrying her son’s wedding gift. The gift, worth 300,000 baht in cash and precious gold jewellery, was to be presented during the ceremony. Tragically, the incident didn’t just result in the loss of valuables, as the victim, who suffered a broken arm, was unable to attend her son’s wedding. The unfortunate event took place near the Uthai Road-Tanot Tia Temple.

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